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Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50

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Joan Price Awards

Joan Price received the Catalyst Award 2014 for "inspiring exceptional conversations in sexuality."

Naked at Our Age has been named Outstanding Self-Help Book 2012 from the American Society of Journalists and Authors and honored with the 2012 Book Award from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

Media Buzz

"Wrinkly sex kitten? Yeah, why not. Enter the world of Joan Price... our mighty, middle-aged Aphrodite."
- North Bay Bohemian

"Joan Price wants to bring sexual pleasure and freedom back to the Boomers. 'We're the Love Generation,' she says proudly. 'We practically invented sex!' "
- Kirkus Reports

"Joan is the beautiful face of senior sex, who turns up whenever the age group is ridiculed."
- Bonnie Remsberg, author

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Joan PriceI'd love to meet you in person! As events are set, I'll post them on my blog. Click here for my upcoming speeches, readings, and radio/TV appearances and interviews.

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How to Choose a Health Club

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Whatever shape you're in right now, your community's profusion of fitness clubs, classes, trainers, and activities can speed you towards your fitness goals. Whether you're an independent or social exerciser, or even if you're just pondering getting in shape, joining a health club can help you make exercise a habit by surrounding you with fitness-oriented people and activities, and providing you with motivating classes and a huge variety of expensive, well-maintained exercise equipment.

Of course, clubs vary widely in the equipment, classes, activities and amenities they offer, and choosing the right club might mean the difference between making fitness a habit and not attending at all. Almost all have a variety of cardio equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stair machines, and most offer the popular group exercise classes such as spinning, yoga, step, and Pilates. But the similarities end there. Each center is unique, with a different atmosphere, clientele, and offerings. Some emphasize personal training, some group classes, some equipment variety. Some are glitzy and offer a gazillion choices, others offer a basic workout (which might be all you need) at a lower cost. Some are social, others are work-out-and-go.

There's no "best" club -- the "best" club for you is the one you'll want to attend regularly. A club membership will work for you only if you feel at ease there and want to show up. Here are some guidelines: