Read this blog on your Kindle

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first — why would you pay 99 cents a month (as tiny a charge as that is) to view a blog in black-and-white that you can read in color on the Internet for free.

To see the appeal, I signed up for the trial subscription to my own blog and to several others. I really like it!

New posts deliver automatically to my Kindle as soon as they go live. The value of this blog is the content, so who cares if the photos and background are in color or not? I was pleasantly surprised to see that my subscription includes not only the current post, but also the 25 most recent posts. I don’t see a way to view the comments, however, so subscribers need to read the Internet version occasionally to catch up on what other readers have to say.

If you’re a Kindle reader, go ahead and try the 14-day free trial subscription to this blog and others that interest you. As long as you cancel before the end of the trial, you’re not charged a cent. Who knows, you might not want to cancel!

If you’re reading this on your Kindle, a warm welcome to you. Here’s one more way to open society’s mind about sex and aging, one reader at a time.

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