Green alert: You can recycle your sex toys!

I got a wonderful email from Danna Freedman today:

I am reading your book Better Than I Ever Expected, and I am absolutely loving it. Although I’m a baby at 25, I’m ecstatic that someone has written such an honest, friendly, and educated book about sex in our later years. It makes me look forward to having new experiences at all ages! I also have suggested the book to my mother (age 64).

However, I was surprised when reading Chapter 9 to see that you threw away a drawer full of sex toys! Given you invite suggestions and comments throughout the book, I figured I’d send mine in:

Check it out:

I have copied directly from their website:

Help Your Planet
Now, when you get rid of that old, broken or unused sex toy, you will be helping our environment. You can feel good that you have done one more thing to cut consumer waste, reduce landfills and help eliminate the toxic chemicals that seep into our soil and ground water.

Be Rewarded For Your Good Deed
Not only do we make recycling your sex toys simple, we also offer a reward as an incentive. For every package of toys* you send in to be recycled, you will receive a $10 gift card (please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive) to use at one of our affiliate partners as well as some other goodies (when applicable) on your next order. So the more you recycle, the more you can play. Going green has never been this much fun!

So, not only do they give you an eco-friendly way to dispose of them, but they reward you for it! I urge you to use their services in the future and pass along the information to those who might also find it resourceful.

Thank you for again for the wonderful work you do.

Thank YOU, Danna! Yes, you’re absolutely right that now we can recycle sex toys. Though it might make you cringe to read that I tossed a drawer full of sex toys in the trash in the past, realize that this happened ten years ago, and honestly, there was no place to recycle them. Now, of course, I know what to do! Thanks so much for the reminder that I need to tell everyone about this marvelous resource.

Readers, pass this along, please!

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  1. paula on January 16, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    Thank you for this information!!!

    I've been agonizing over what to do with sex toys once they don't work anymore. Like panties, you can't just give them to the thrift shop like I do with other no longer needed items. I don't like to throw lots of things away either because it adds to the waste stream, and always try to repurpose or recycle. Also what if the sex toy fell out of the garbage bag while the guys in the truck were emptying the can? What if it ended up lying around in the street for a few days until discovered? These things are just too personal to me to let that happen.

    I thought about burying this stuff in the back yard, but that has some obvious drawbacks.

    I sometimes cut the crotch out of panties and use the material to make doll undies and slips, being into dolls, and cotton ones make good dust rags. What to do with old panties is another conundrum.

    Also what if you're dealing with someone's stuff after they die? What to do with their underwear? Their sex toys? I hope mine won't end up in the estate sale!!

    So a place where we can anonymously recycle our sex toys is so welcome!

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