Jimmyjane Form 3: A vibrating finger

What should a vibrator designed for clitoral use look like? Sex toy designers have been working on that challenge for decades, and have come up with some innovative ideas, as you’ll see in the designs of the many vibrators I’ve reviewed here, most of which aim their pleasures at the clitoris.  But Jimmyjane’s Form 3 takes the innovation prize. Thank you, Kama Sutra Closet, for sending it to me for review.
The Form 3 is based on the idea that a clitoral vibrator should feel like a well-placed, vibrating finger. So it’s shaped like… I can’t describe it — look at it here.
You hold it in your hand, turn it on (the controls aren’t visible in the photos, but they’re easy to find and use), put your finger in the thin, membrane-like indentation, and voila, the Form 3 becomes an intensely vibrating finger. Your finger. Intensely vibrating.

You can use it however you please over your clitoris — press, circle, roll, rub, whatever tickes your fancy.

I love that it’s powerful yet flexible and soft — so often the powerful vibrators (and you know how I like power in my vibrators) are hard. That was a trade-off I thought I had to accept. But the part that touches your tender spot is soft, bendable, and moves just like your finger moves.

With 4 vibration modes, 5 power levels, it’s easy to find the mode and level that please. The Form 3 is made of high-grade silicone and is completely waterproof . Charge it in its little charging bed before use — no need for batteries.

Jimmyjane designs innovative, luxury sex toys. I think they need my help naming their toys, though — Form 3, Form 2, Form 6 — how unsexy are those names? I’ll overlook that, though, and tell you that the new Form 3 is an amazing toy with the design I’ve been looking for, but never imagined on my own.
Kama Sutra Closet is offering a fantastic 15% discount to readers of this blog on the Form 3 and all other products other than sale items. Use the code “Better15” when you order. 
View a video of the Form 3 (gloves optional during use):
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  1. Femenina Deliciosa on October 29, 2010 at 1:35 am

    I love my Form 3! Glad to hear that you're happy with yours.

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