Hurray, Good Vibrations sent me the We-Vibe Thrill in time for a pre-Valentine’s Day date with myself. This is a dual-action vibrator, which means it stimulates the G-spot internally and the clitoris externally simultaneously. Insert the bulbous part vaginally, position it to your liking with the silver part pressed to your clitoris, and you’ll feel its rumbly vibrations in both places.

I like that the fit is adjustable — the middle part bends easily to conform to your shape. So many rabbit-style vibrators that intend dual stimulation don’t fit right – but the bendy midsection makes this one easy to fit. That said, we’re all different, and no one shape works for everyone.

The Thrill is completely waterproof (as long as it’s not connected to the charger, of course), and I enjoyed wearing it in the shower before settling down to earnest solo play!

Some reviewers report that the handle opening is useless because their fingers don’t fit through it. I have tiny hands and could insert a thumb or finger to the first knuckle, which is all that’s needed.

But you don’t even need to hold it that way — just hold the top of the handle to guide the Thrill into place, and it stays there — hands-free! This is terrific for those of us who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other reason that gripping a vibrating object is uncomfortable or impossible. It’s also cool for reading erotica or using your hands on a partner while you vibrate!

 The Thrill will appeal to many older women because the thickest part of the insertable section — the
“bulb” — is only 1-1/4″ inches wide and tapered for insertion, and the part that rests in the vaginal opening is extremely slim. Many women won’t need that degree of slimness, but for those who do, it’s ideal.

The controls are easy to find (end of the outside end) and use: just press to start, press to change intensity or pattern, press and hold to turn off. Unlike many vibrators, the controls are out of the way while you use it — you won’t accidentally turn it off.

Here’s what I don’t like: it’s not strong enough for me, even on the highest setting. For some reason, the insertable part seems a bit stronger than the external, clitoral part, which makes no sense to me. I know I can’t expect  Hitachi Magic Wand power, but this was just too subtle. Other reviewers point out that it works well by rocking it, rocking on it, or even sitting on it — but though it feels nice internally, there isn’t enough clitoral stimulation for this old gal.

If you don’t need the intensity that I do, it could be just right for you, though. The multi-speed motor offers eight different modes and intensities. I have simple tastes — I go straight to the strongest, steady vibration. It also does va-va-voom and cha cha patterns if you prefer.

This clever fellow recharges via USB. Attach the magnetic end to the cord, plug the other end into your computer (or other USB charger, like your phone charger, or power adapter), and voila. Or at least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. I found that I had  to keep an eye on it during charging because the magnetic parts separate too easily. There’s no stand — you have to lay it on its side — and it’s easy for the charger to fall right off. So check it frequently.

This may be minor, but the silicone, as smooth and lovely as it feels, picks up every bit of lint in the room. It washes easily, so just wash it right before each use. Be sure to use only water-based lubricant.

All in all, I think the Thrill would be thrilling for a woman who appreciates the hands-free, ergonomic design and likes a slim, insertable toy with simultaneous — though moderate — clitoral stimulation.

We-Vibe 3 Couple's Vibrator - Click to enlargeYou may know the Thrill’s older sister — the We-Vibe 3 couple’s vibrator. This popular toy is for use
during partner sex, providing both vaginal and clitoral stimulation
during intercourse. (One male reviewer reported that this gave him the sensation of having a vibrating lover!)  The Thrill is
similar in concept, design, and body-safe materials, but was designed for solo

Thank you, Good Vibrations, for sending me the We-Vibe Thrill.


  1. Anonymous on March 3, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    I have to say, I wish I had read some reviews before dropping that much money on a waterproof vibrator that does not transfer the RMPs as promised. I was completely let down. I will be informing the clerk from the store where I purchased this item with high hopes. Everything about it was very promising. In the end, it did not deliver on epic proportions. I am glad you had a better experience. I wish that I could join you in singing it's praises- then I wouldn't feel so sad for spending the $150.00 on stress relief.

    • Joan Price on March 3, 2013 at 10:42 pm

      I appreciate your comment. I had a better experience than you, yes, but I did say, "It's not strong enough for me, even on the highest setting …there isn't enough clitoral stimulation for this old gal."

      You apparently need that same kind of intensity that I do. Sex toy designers: are you listening?

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