Special offer for my blog readers and Naked at Our Age Facebook fans:

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How to collect this free shipping offer? Contact me directly and send me this information:

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I’m repeating this invitation because I know I have many new readers now:

What’s stopping you from having a satisfying sex life as a senior or elder?

Four years after publication of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty, I am working on my new book on senior sex: Naked at Our Age. This book will concentrate on the sexual problems and challenges we face as women and men 50 – 80+ and how to resolve them and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives.

I invite you to submit your candid questions, problems, and real-life experiences, which will be the focus of Naked at Our Age, with commentary and tips from sex educators, therapists, physicians, couples counselors, and other valuable experts.

The problem with Better Than I Ever Expected, many readers told me, was that it was too upbeat! “My sex life isn’t ‘better than I ever expected,’” many of you wrote me, and here’s why it’s not….” You confided questions and problems and shared intimate details of your obstacles to a satisfying sex life in later life, and you continue to write to me, thank you.

That’s why I’m inviting all of you to tell me which problems and issues you hope my new book will address, what experiences you’d like to learn about, and what questions you wish you could ask an expert (I’ll find the right expert to answer you). Post a comment below — instructions here if this is new to you — or, if you’d like me to follow up with you, email me.

If you’d like a copy of the confidential interview to be a part of this new book, please email me and I’ll send it right out.

If you’re a sex educator or other expert in some area of senior sex, please email me if you’d like to contribute your helpful tips.

(For those of you who have emailed me questions and not heard from me — I apologize. It seems that whatever I do to catch up, I’m always 300 emails behind. Thank you for your patience!)

Thank you for joining me in talking out loud about senior sexuality,


I’m thrilled to announce that my book, Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty, is now available from Amazon as a Kindle edition as well as a print edition.

I’m wild about my Kindle, and I’m delighted that now you can read Better Than I Ever Expected on the go — and without the cover (lovely as it is) giving you away in the coffee shop, on the bus, or at your family reunion!

Did you realize that you can also subscribe to this blog on your Kindle? Read my announcement here, or go directly to getting a 14-day free trial here.

Hear life coach Chip August interview me for his Sex & Intimacy podcast series on Personal Life Media. We chatted about senior sex, what it was like to write Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty (especially for Robert, an artist and a private person, who found himself negotiating which details about our sex life would appear on the printed page), and helpful tips for a better sex life at our age.

We discussed, for example, that an older women’s lack of lubrication does not mean she isn’t sexual aroused, and how applying lubricant can bring back the joy of friction and become part of the love play. I tell men “what we women really want” (listen up, guys!) and why sex toys can take us over the top.

Chip August is a marvelous interviewer — lively, informed, sex-positive, and smart. Do listen to the podcast, which you can hear online or find on iTunes.