Reader Reactions to Book

Women aquaintances who have bought the book and read it already (everyone says they can’t put it down!) are walking up to me and talking freely about their own sex lives and relationships. It’s as if we’re continuing a conversation in progress. I love this!

I feel like I’ve opened up a topic that women were hungry to discuss. So many women are already telling me, “It’s about time!” And it’s not just the older women — younger women are saying, “I don’t plan to give up sex when I’m 60… or 80!”

I’m looking at what women say as clues to what they’d like to see in the next book. As I travel and promote the book, I’ll be noting what women ask and tell me, and when their eyes light up when I discuss something.

If you know what you would like to read in my next book, please post a comment here!

What a Response!

The response to the Better Than I Ever Expected has been fabulous already, and the book has been available for just a few days! Sexually seasoned women are ordering quantities of the book, taking care of their holiday gift-giving needs. Young women are giving them to their mothers and grandmothers. A Santa Rosa CA gynecologist bought 10 copies to give to her older patients. I’m being invited to give talks and workshops all over the US and Canada. I’ll post the schedule after a couple more dates are confirmed. Please e-mail me at to suggest a venue near you.