“Booty call” at 64?

Arlette, age 64, sent me her interview questionnaire for my new book, and I’m puzzling over something. What did we call “booty call” before that term was invented? What would we seniors call it now?

Arlette is single, independent, loves her solitude, and loves sex. She has a partner who feels the same. They have great sex and good conversation, then she goes back to her life and he to his. They’re not living together or dating; they’re just having uncomplicated, uninhibited, and exuberant sex when they want to.

Arlette writes me that she’s living her fantasies — and I’m delighted for her. I’m just wondering if we have a term to describe the relationship that’s a bit more elegant or mature than “booty call”? (She didn’t call it that — I just can’t think of what to use instead.)

I know, some of you will tell me that this kind of relationship doesn’t warrant an elegant or mature term, but I don’t agree. If we don’t do exactly what we want at our age, when will we? I’m curious to know what you think.