Best blogs/websites about sex and aging: your nominations

I’m honored and delighted whenever I discover that another blog or website has selected this one for its “best of…” list. It occurred to me that I’d serve you well if I started a “best of blogs about sex and aging” list myself.

I’m opening this to you: What other blogs about sex and aging do you read regularly, and what do you like about them?

I read plenty of blogs about sexuality that are aging-friendly — and blogs about aging that are sexuality-friendly. Those are wonderful, but not what I’m looking for with this call for recommendations. I’m gathering nominations for best blogs and websites specifically about sex and aging. Please share the sites you’ve found that address the joys and challenges of embracing our sexuality past midlife into our elder years.

If you have your own blog/website about sex and aging, you’re welcome to nominate it yourself, as long as its main purpose is to educate and promote acceptance of older-age sexuality (not a commercial site whose purpose is to sell Viagra or “enhancement” devices!)

Bring it on!