The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book

by Joan Price 

The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book: 300+ quick and easy exercises you can do whenever you want! by Joan Price presents instant exercises you can do wherever you are, whatever you're doing, helping you become more active throughout your day. No matter where you are -- at work, at home, running errands, in an airport, even watching television -- you can jumpstart your exercise program in minutes. This little book packed with big ideas fits in a purse or a briefcase -- carry it with you all day long!

Here's a preview:
Table of Contents, The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book
by Joan Price, M.A. with Lawrence Kassman, M.D.
(ASJA Press reprint edition, 2008; first published 2003)

Chapter 1: Introduction: Why this Book and How to Use It.
Chapter 2: Home: By the Dawn’s Early Light.
Chapter 3: Getting It Together: Starting Right.
Chapter 4: Car Stress Busters.
Chapter 5: Work Workouts.
Chapter 6: Getting It Together: Getting and Staying Motivated.
Chapter 7: Errand Energizers.
Chapter 8: Park Pep-Ups.
Chapter 9: Getting It Together: Making Exercise Fun.
Chapter 10: At Home: Before Dinner.
Chapter 11: At Home: Anytime.
Chapter 12: Social Shape-Ups.
Chapter 13: Getting It Together: Equipping Yourself.
Chapter 14: Kid Stuff: Family Fitness
Chapter 15: Air-Robics.
Chapter 16: Frisky Hotel Workouts.
Chapter 17: Getting It Together: Playing It Safe.
Chapter 18: Quick Gym Visits
Chapter 19: Exercises to Do While Doing Something Else.
Resources, Appendix

Praise for The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book

“Since I read fitness pro Joan Price’s new book, I’ve found that even a few minutes of exercise, several times during the day, has increased my physical and mental energy and relieved stress… Thanks to Price, my energy and strength have improved slowly but surely. I also love the book’s small format because it fits into my backpack or pocket, so I can learn new exercises when I have a few minutes to spare.”

Arline Zatz


According to Joan Price, MA, fitness motivator, public speaker, and author of The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book, the most common excuse not to exercise is, “I don’t have time.” Well, she asks, do you have time to be sick or disabled? Probably not. “Exercise gives you energy. It doesn’t take it away. You gain time — you can do everything else you need to do more quickly and with a clearer head.” Price points out that you don’t need a big expedition to the gym or an all-day bike ride. “You can accumulate exercise minutes,” she says, “not do it in one big chunk.”

Star Lawrence


“Joan Price could be nicknamed the “comeback kid.” Twice this fitness professional and author from Sebastopol, California, was seriously injured in a head-on automobile collision… Her hardships gave way to a perfect little book: The Anytime Anywhere Exercise Book, in which Joan offers 300 quick and easy exercises you can do whenever you want. This upbeat book is not just a series of workout ideas, it’s boosted by research on the benefits of accumulating bouts of brief exercise (10 minute here, 5 minutes there) throughout the day…”

Meg Jordan

American Fitness

“In Price’s world of perpetual motion, there is no need to wake up a half-hour early to squeeze in sit-ups, or give up your lunch hour for a workout at the gym, or delay dinner to take a run. Hers is a world of “fitness minutes,” seamlessly slipped into the hairline cracks of each day. Her Anytime Anywhere Exercise Book effectively closes the last loopholes to getting in shape.”

Meg McConahey

The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA)

Solid and compact, Price’s book is a handy compendium of more than 300 exercises that each take only a few minutes or less to complete, rarely require special equipment such as dumbbells and, most important, can be shoe-horned into everyday activities such as brushing your teeth, shopping for groceries, even waiting in line at the DMV.

Richard Marini

San Antonio Express-News

Fitness pro Joan Price offers hundreds of convenient, instant exercises in The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book: 300+ Quick and Easy Exercises You Can Do Whenever You Want. With little or no equipment, readers can do aerobics, strength training, or stretching while cleaning the house, shopping, driving to work, traveling by plane, working on the computer, walking the dog, and even watching TV. The premise behind the book is that you can accumulate “exercise minutes” towards a goal of 30 minutes a day in ways that are convenient, fun, and easy. Another benefit is that the reader puts together his or her own personal program to beat boredom, a key reason people abandon exercise programs.”

Mark Fuerst

Sports Injury Handbook E-zine

“Excellent book – ingenious, lively, and practical! If you know you should exercise, but can’t set aside half an hour for a workout, this book will get you moving – in two- or three-minute bursts. At the end of the day, you will have burned extra calories and given your body all the other benefits of a standard workout. I recommend it to anyone who is currently sedentary – and also to those who exercise but would like to do a little more. The trick, as Joan Price explains, is to tuck extra activity into your day. She misses no opportunity to set you in motion. Taking a shower? Don’t just stand there and drip – scrub the walls; do some stretches; work some muscles (believe it or not, your washcloth can turn into exercise equipment). The book is filled with ingenious exercise ideas, starting with morning wake-up and continuing through the day. She includes workouts for auto trips and hotel stays; suggestions for getting a little action while you’re on the phone; ideas for stroller-pushing parents – and much more. Instructions are clear; the writing is lively, friendly, and encouraging. An excellent book!

Sarah Wernick

Co-author of Quick Fit: The Complete 15-Minute No-Sweat Workout and Strong Women Stay Young