Joan Price
Joan Price

Sex changes as we age, but for every problem, there is a solution!

Joan Price, media-dubbed “senior sexpert,” delights audiences with her sassy attitude, wealth of practical information, and warm, candid style. Joan’s books about senior sex include:

Joan Price Joins Sex Educator jessica drake in 'Guide to Wicked Sex: Senior Sex'

Joan joins jessica drake as they take viewers into the world of sexually-active aging and how couples and singles can keep the fire going and the body responding throughout the passage of time. This collaboration between the award-winning performer and activist and the noted expert on senior sex will offer insights and tips for better sex after age 50, 60, 70, and beyond.

Dan Savage

“Joan Price is one of the smartest thinkers around about sex, regardless of your age—or hers!” Dan Savage

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Let's talk out loud about the joys and challenges of senior sex and relationships. Joan’s award-winning blog offers news, views, and sex toy reviews from a senior perspective.

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“What We’ve Learned About Sex Lately”: Wisdom from Seniors

In 2018, I invited my newsletter subscribers to tell me what they’ve learned about sex lately that has enhanced their sex life. The responses illustrate how far we’ve come in...
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Sexy Seniors’ New Year’s Resolutions 2022

Want to make some changes in your sex life? These New Year’s Resolutions will make a big difference, and they’re easy and fun to put into action. Redefine Sex. The...
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Favorite Sex Toys for Seniors: Gift Guide for Our Lovers and Ourselves

  Bag from The Smitten Kitten Lucky me, many sex toys cross my path and vie for my reviews from a senior perspective. When I'm not...
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