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The Joys (and Challenges) of Sex After 70

Joan Price is featured in this article from the New York Times Magazine.
The article explores the joys and challenges of sex as we age.

The New York Times Magazine
January 16, 2022

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Joan Price is featured in this article from the New York Times looking at the joys and challenges of sex as we age.

New York Times

“Joan Price was a high school English teacher for 22 years. She was divorced and never had kids. It wasn’t until she was 57–decades after any Hollywood rom-com director would think it possible–that she met the 64-year-old man who would sweep her off her feet…[now] Price is the energetic face offering practical sex advice to seniors who don’t lose their libidos just because they’ve been on this earth a little bit longer than the rest of us.”

Mark Wilson

Meet the woman leading a sex revolution for seniors,” Fast Company, May 10, 2019

“Joan Price is one of the nation’s most prominent experts on sex and aging.”

Psychology Today

“Feisty, honest, refreshing. Regardless of medium, Joan’s expertise shines. Authentic and heartfelt, her insight and wisdom are as ageless as they are indispensable.”

Melissa White, founder

This week the slutty scholars are joined by author, speaker, and ageless sexuality advocate Joan Price (AKA a conversation about all things sexy for seniors). Obviously, this episode is helpful for older adults, but it is invaluable and wise because we ALL get old! Also included: sex after grief and losing your beloved, what makes an ergonomic sex toy, the problems with desexualizing older folks, and how to have an orgasm without an erection!

Sluts & Scholars podcast


[the film]: “Making ‘Guide To Wicked Sex: Senior Sex’ with jessica drake, our sexy seniors, the professional crew, and Wicked Pictures, was the experience of a lifetime. I’m grateful and proud of the work we did together and the superb product that resulted.”

[Sex After Grief:] “When we’re in grief, we shut down in many ways. Coming back into our bodies is an important part of our learning to feel alive again. When I was reading other grief books in preparation for writing this one, I couldn’t believe how rarely sex was mentioned at all, and if it was, it was usually a warning. I’m very proud of this book. It’s much needed by grievers and the people who want to understand them.”

Hot Octopuss

Interview with Joan Price On Her ‘Completely Real and Unscripted’ Film, ‘Guide To Wicked Sex: Senior Sex and her new book, Sex After Grief,” Aug. 23, 2019

“At 74, Joan is the nation’s leading and most outspoken expert on senior sex. A prolific public speaker and the author of three critically acclaimed books, a bevy of free webinars and a popular blog on the subject, Joan traverses the globe, spreading the good word that for people over 50, sex can be not only just as good as it was during a person’s fertile, more flexible years, but better.”

Isabelle Kohn

For the Best Sex of Your Life—Ask Old People,” Harper’s Bazaar, Oct. 17, 2018

“‘We’re often thought of in our society as having aged out of sex,’ says Price, a petite 75-year-old wearing low-heeled lace-up black shoes stamped with bright-red lipstick kisses. ‘We’re old, we’re wrinkly, who’d want us? We internalize the idea that as older people we’re not sexual anymore…What they don’t understand is that [sex] can, in many ways, be better than ever.’”

Tracy Clark-Flory

Porn That Takes Senior Sex Seriously,” Jezebel, May 7, 2019

“Jessica Drake reviewed the shot list with noted sexpert and guest host, Joan Price…Price, 75, had never been on an adult set before. The unlikely collaborators met five years ago at Los Angeles’ CatalystCon and became fast friends before embarking on their first joint endeavor. Price, a specialist in senior sexuality and authorial personality behind the Naked at Our Age blog, joined the Wicked team to give her voice to the ‘Senior Sex’ edition of the studio’s long-running educational series.”

Zoe Tamara

On the Set: Jessica Drake’s ‘Guide to Wicked Sex: Senior Sex’,” XBIZ, May 8, 2019.