Clients and Audiences Rave about Joan Price's Presentations

“I love your energy and clapped several times in my home office as you went through your presentation.”


Attendee, “How the Heck Do I Date at This Age?” for Senior Planet & AARP, 2023

“I’ve been familiar with Joan’s popularity among the older adults I serve for so many years. After all, her “Sex at Our Age” column for Senior Planet has been running for nearly a decade! After all this time, it was an absolute pleasure to finally work with her by hosting a webinar for AARP’s Virtual Community Center. Her presentation, “How the Heck Do I Date at This Age?” was engaging, informative, and hilarious. I’ve never seen a Zoom chat so ablaze with conversation!! Even in a virtual room of more than 1,700 people, she is incredibly skilled at making people feel seen and allowing them to open up in ways they may have never before.”


Breana Clark, MSW, Director of Virtual Program Experiences, OATS and Senior Planet from AARP

Joan Price on a virtual speaking engagement in Nijmegen, Netherlands“Thank you so much for ‘What I Wish I’d Known about Sex and Relationships When I Was Your Age.’ Students were wildly enthusiastic! You really rock it. I enjoyed it very much, and so did the 170 students. They found it an eye-opener to hear someone speak so openly about sex, especially someone of your age, and from the States. They loved your openness – even on very personal experiences – and your willingness to answer their questions. And off course your infectious laugh! They approached me afterwards to thank me for inviting you. They loved it!”


Dr. Maerten H. Prins, Instructor, Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

“Joan Price is an amazing educator. She provides a wealth of information, ideas, and lived experience, and delivers it in a way that’s relatable and never condescending. Every time I see her speak, I fall in love a little more. Book her for your event!”

jessica drake

“Joan is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her virtual presentation – 7 Steps to Reclaiming Sexual Pleasure after 50 – Partnered or Solo – was a huge hit. We received several requests to bring her back. Joan’s ability to make ‘taboo’ subjects comfortable, educational and fun is amazing. Even through Zoom, her warmth and knowledge shine through. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Joan for making my event an effortless success!”

Michele Mangrum, Manager, CJE SeniorLife, Chicago

  • “Great talk by Joan Price. I think she was the best speaker at any CJE event I attended.”
  • “She’s a hoot. Great presentation. My husband took lots of notes. Uh oh.”
  • “Joan is awesome; knowledgeable, straightforward and humorous in her approach. I’m a fan!”
  • “Having taught at the university level for many years, I’m aware that people’s attention begins to wander after an hour and a half. In this case the speaker was outstanding and my attention remained riveted on what she had to say. Thank you for scheduling this informative and entertaining presentation!”

Attendees, CJE Senior Life, Chicago

“Event Planners: If you want to wow your audience, have them on their feet laughing, clapping and leaving with a sparkle in their eye and spring in their step, you’ll want to have Joan Price in your speaker lineup! Joan’s humor, candid insights into human nature, and her ability to inspire and engage an audience will be just the ingredient you need for a successful event. I can’t wait to have Joan on After Dark Radio Show again and look forward to working with her on other projects where I need an audience pleasing experience.”

Ande Lyons, After Dark Radio Show

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the dating workshop.  Loved the opportunity to be able to talk to other singles and hear their experiences.  You provided a safe and fun atmosphere for that to happen.” “It was such a great get together and very informative.” “I was so warmed by everything that was said and that we are all looking for the same thing – connection! I’m grateful for the work you do. Your demeanor was lovely & supportive of everyone!”

Attendees at Joan’s workshop, “How the Heck Do I Date at This Age?”

“Thank you, Joan, for being our Sex Geek and teaching us so much, listening to all of our concerns, and being that special sex educator/teacher to continue to guide us.” “Thank you for your comprehensive and thoughtful workshop on sex and aging.  I’m married for the 2nd time and learning so much about our changing world.” “I’m 75 and I’m blown away by this whole new world of openness and information about sexuality for people my age. Sex really is as normal a part of life as eating and breathing, and your workshop showed me that that talking about sex is no more dangerous than talking about the last restaurant I enjoyed.” “In your workshop I learned a great deal more about what men’s needs are as they have seemed to change considerably.  Men are just as much in need of touch, cuddling, and kissing as women are.  It was great to listen to the guys talk about their needs for intimacy and love.”

Attendees at Joan’s workshop, “Ask Me, I’ll Tell You: Women and Men Talk Out Loud about Sex and Aging.”

“REFRESHING, ENERGIZING AND MOTIVATING are just some of the words that come to mind when referring to your presentation, Fitness on the Road, during the 2008 NADA Lifestyle Center recently held in San Francisco. Your enthusiasm for your topic shines through your presentation and I am sure the audience will be practicing your techniques and exercises not only at home, but the next time they are ‘on the road.’ The 2008 NADA Lifestyle Center was a great success and your participation helped make that happen.”

Christine M. Marshall, Convention Program Manager, National Automobile Dealers of America

“Joan is absolutely charming, totally honest in her self-disclosure in the service of teaching us. I would recommend this to any older woman experiencing difficulty or disinterest.” “I liked your warmth and down to earth manner, your sincerity.” “Very straight talk — that was great! Joan was very approachable.”

Participants, Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty workshop at Good Vibrations, Berkeley, CA

“You were frank and blunt — endearingly so.” “I liked that you let conversation take place, and that we were able to disclose and relate, regardless of age.” “I think your book and workshop would be great for people of all ages, especially, but not limited to, those who have gone through accidents, trauma, cancer/disease, chronic fatigue, depression, physical disability, and childbirth.” “This was a wonderful workshop, very inspiring. Lots to look forward to!”

Participants, Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty workshop at Venus Envy, Ottawa, Canada