Media Responses to Naked at Our Age

“I’m a fan. I’ve read your book Naked at Our Age and seen you lecture at several sex ed conferences over the years. I love what you’ve created in the world. Your no-BS honest writing about sex and relationships has been a game-changer for my clients who’ve read your work in tandem with my coaching. You’ve busted through the taboo of talking about and having sex as a senior. Thank you so much for your work. You have so much wisdom and expertise to share with women who want to stop struggling in their sex lives from a lack of information or damaging myths and feel truly alive and confident in their bodies.”

Eva Blake, Sophisticated Sex Ed and Intimacy Coaching

“A page turner. I found Naked at Our Age almost impossible to put down. It’s beautifully balanced between personal experience and objective information. Warm and learned, it is the most helpful book on sex I have ever seen. Naked at Our Age is for all of us over (or much over) 50, whether our sex life is great, just okay, or blah. It’s also a must-read for mental health professionals, urologists, and OBGYNs. A psychiatrist to whom I showed this book spent a half hour reading it, then started to make lists in his head of which of his patients he should give a copy. I plan to buy a half dozen copies myself to give to my senior (nonpatient) friends.”

Larry LeShan, PhD, psychotherapist

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