Media Responses to Naked at Our Age

“A page turner. I found Naked at Our Age almost impossible to put down. It’s beautifully balanced between personal experience and objective information. Warm and learned, it is the most helpful book on sex I have ever seen. Naked at Our Age is for all of us over (or much over) 50, whether our sex life is great, just okay, or blah. It’s also a must-read for mental health professionals, urologists, and OBGYNs. A psychiatrist to whom I showed this book spent a half hour reading it, then started to make lists in his head of which of his patients he should give a copy. I plan to buy a half dozen copies myself to give to my senior (nonpatient) friends.”

Larry LeShan, PhD, psychotherapist

Hear Tristan Taormino interview Joan Price

“Life lessons from a senior sexpert”:

Rae Francoeur interviews Joan Price

“Price isn’t telling seniors to expect to have the exact same kinds or frequency of sex, but instead that if you’re adaptable, sex can continue (with yourself and others) for one’s entire lifetime… That old sexual standby — communication — applies even more as we get older; you can’t assume that even your long-term partner is the same sexual creature they were thirty (or even three) years ago… What surprised and pleased me most about Naked at Our Age is how much of its advices applies to me, at my age of 35.”

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Rachel Kramer Bussel in SexIs Magazine