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  • “I’ve had a big interest in sex during my whole life, and I’ve read countless amounts of books about it and Joan’s book “Better Than I Expected – sex after sixty” is the most interesting, gripping and straightforward one I have ever read. It’s relevant for everyone over sixty, no matter if you think you already have a great sex life, if you aren’t interested in sex or if you think you are too old: this book will change that mindset completely. Start with her blog, it contains tons of good advice as well and is a true gem.” / Greta, 64
  • “It’s easy to panic when you realize that you no longer can have sex the way you want because of your body getting older. I got recommended to read “Naked at Our Age” and after I finished it I knew that I wanted to read more of what Jean had to say! So I started following her blog and it’s by far one of the best things I’ve done for myself in the last 20 years. Thanks to her advice and ideas, my husband and I have more passionate and intense sex than we had when we were in our 20’s. I could never have imagined that I was capable of having such wonderful sex at this age, but I am very thankful that Joan let me know that I am.” / Charlotta, 61
  • “First of all: if you are in your 60’s or older, you must read Joan’s books. I can ensure that they will completely change the way you look at intimacy and the way you have sex, and you will probably wish that you would have known about the advice she is giving sooner in your life! Secondly: her blog is so inspirational and should be read by anyone who feels like their aging body stops them from having the sex they want to have, or by everyone that thinks you have your best sex when you’re young and the best years of intimacy, love and romance are in the past.” / Bengt, 60
  • “Joan makes what some people find taboo to sound like the most natural thing in the world. For many people, her way of talking about sex will change their whole view on intimacy forever.” / Elisabeth, 67
  • “A person like Joan is just what I need in my life. She writes so straightforwardly and is not afraid of giving her heart out to really help people. Not many have the courage to speak out loud of sex in such a natural way, and I really admire her for that. I’ve been reading her blog for four years now and have two of her books as well, and the quality of the content she’s writing is always world class.” / Hans, 73
  • “Joan is a wise lady with lots of experience which I’m glad she shares with all of us who need a little help with our sex life when age comes knocking on the door. Her blog is a true life saver and I have recommended all of my girlfriends to read her. Some have done, and they have thanked me afterwards. Considering how many of my girlfriends have changed their sex life for the better after they started reading Joan, it seems like she is a natural talent when it comes to teaching about intimacy and sex.” / Lisa, 67

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Passionerad Sweden

“A page turner. I found Naked at Our Age almost impossible to put down. It’s beautifully balanced between personal experience and objective information. Warm and learned, it is the most helpful book on sex I have ever seen. Naked at Our Age is for all of us over (or much over) 50, whether our sex life is great, just okay, or blah. It’s also a must-read for mental health professionals, urologists, and OBGYNs. A psychiatrist to whom I showed this book spent a half hour reading it, then started to make lists in his head of which of his patients he should give a copy. I plan to buy a half dozen copies myself to give to my senior (nonpatient) friends.”

Larry LeShan, PhD, psychotherapist

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