“I wish I had used condoms!”

My new book, Naked at Our Age, is filled with real stories from real seniors and elders about their sexual experiences, challenges, and attitudes.

For my Safe Sex chapter, I have several stories from seniors who are dating and having sex, don’t use barrier protection and don’t think they need to. I have other stories from seniors who are dating and use condoms every time with every new sexual partner.

I need to hear from people age 50-80+ who didn’t use condoms and now wish they had. Maybe they had sex with someone who was dishonest about revealing sexual history, STIs, HIV status. Or they didn’t ask, the partner didn’t tell, and now they’ve contracted HIV, herpes, or some other STI. Maybe they’ve unknowingly infected other partners. 

If you’re willing to share your story confidentially in order to help other people who think that safe sex isn’t important for seniors, please email me. Thank you!

— Joan Price

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