Inya the Rose review

Inya the Rose product next to a garden rose

I think I’m in love. The beautiful and arousing Inya the Rose from Good Vibrations has become a dear friend with benefits. Inya the Rose by NS Novelties combines the pleasures of air pulse technology with powerful vibrations in a compact sex toy that looks like an artistic model of a rose. It’s small, but the sensations are big!

Air pulse technology, if you haven’t experienced it, feels kind of like gentle sucking, nibbling, and pulsing on the clitoris. It’s hard to describe, but luscious to experience!  Combine that with vibrations, and you’re on your way to orgasm.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Apply your favorite water-based lubricant on and around your clitoris and inner labia and on the top surface of the Rose.
  2. Turn on the Rose by pressing and holding the “water drop in a circle” button for two seconds.
  3. Press the center hole of the Rose to your clitoris. Wiggle it around until your clitoris says, “Oh, yes!” Get a good seal for the most enjoyable sensations.
  4. Press the button quickly to cycle through intensities 1-3 and, if you want them, 7 different rhythmic patterns.
  5. Hold it still, or circle, or twist for different sensations.
  6. Relax and enjoy!
  7. When you’re done, press and hold the button for two seconds to turn it off.

I was astonished by the amount of power in this little thing, and I love that it does not get buzzy when increasing intensity. The small size makes it possible for your or your partner’s fingers to assist if you like vaginal penetration along with clitoral stimulation.


Inya the Rose is made of body-safe silicone. It sits on a magnetic charger for easy USB charging.  The “water drop in a circle” control button lights up during use and while charging. Although designed for the clitoris, Inya the Rose delights sensitive nipples of any gender!


Anything I didn’t like? The packaging is plastic inside a cardboard box, no storage pouch. I know that keeps the cost down, but I do appreciate a storage pouch with my vibrator purchases!

I’ve read an occasional review from a user who complained that her clitoris was too large for this product. Realize that the hole in the center needs to surround only the tip – the rest presses against the surrounding area. However, if you think this might be an issue for you, this product might not be your best choice.


Caveat: There are many rose vibrators on the market – they seem to be a trend now. They’re not the same. I tried another Rose of similar (but not identical) appearance, which I found not only not pleasurable, but actually uncomfortable, because of the design and placement of the petals. I won’t name it, because we’re all different, and it might not feel the same to you. But do your due diligence in reading reviews when you order this or any other sex toy – don’t make your selection because an item is cheaper.


Many thanks to the good folks at Good Vibrations for sending me Inya the Rose in return for an honest review.


In case you’re new to my work, I’ve been reviewing sex toys from a senior perspective since 2007, when I first reviewed the Eroscillator (still one of my top favorites). I’ve been using sex toys since buying my first Magic Wand in the “personal care” department at Macys in the 1970s! I tell that lively story to Kate Lister in the “Sex In Old Age: Myths, Toys & Desire” episode of her marvelous UK podcast, “Betwixt the Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society.” Give it a listen!





VIM Wand from Fun Factory review

VIM Want from Fun Factory

It’s long, it’s strong – it’s VIM, the new vibrating wand from Fun Factory!  VIM, Fun Factory’s first wand vibrator, is strong and rumbly. When I say strong and rumbly, I mean STRONG AND RUMBLY, even thuddy! This is a good thing. Buzzy doesn’t work for me. VIM never gets close to buzzy. It starts rumbly and stays rumbly, no matter which of the 5 speeds or 3 patterns I choose. The head is weighted for extra rumble.


Wavy texture:

Both handle and silicone head are covered with a wavy textured design. This makes the handle soft to the touch and easy to grip. The wavy texture of the head may appeal to you, but personally, I would have preferred smooth. The waves do hold lube better, but to me, the waviness doesn’t add particular pleasure and even makes it a tad rough for delicate aging skin when used for an extended time. I can’t say textured or smooth would be better for you – different strokes (literally) for different folks.


More about VIM:

I’m always asking for controls that are easy to see without reading glasses. Bonus points if they’re easy to feel with eyes closed. VIM comes through with both. Press the Fun Factory button for on or off. Press “+” or “-” to cycle through the 5 speeds and 3 patterns. The buttons even light up when VIM is powered on.

VIM comes in bright Sunrise Orange or vibrant Midnight Blue. The neck is flexible, so you can press at the angle you want. Note that although VIM is relatively quiet compared to other wands, it gets louder if it’s well lubed and you press hard.  VIM is water resistant (not waterproof, so don’t take it into the shower with you). Use with plenty of water-based lubricant.

USB recharging is easy with a strong magnetic connection. Unlike many vibrators (including some others from Fun Factory), the connection holds tightly and won’t accidentally disengage.



Fun Factory’s marketing says, “Vibration stays in the head, not the handle.” As a 79-year-old with arthritic wrists, I don’t agree. True, there’s far less vibration in the handle than in the head. However, the handle does conduct vibrations, and the closer to the head you hold it, the stronger the vibrations to your hand. The very end of the handle has very mild vibrations. But the wand is heavy – 15.2 ounces, almost a pound. So why would you hold it at the end, 12 inches away from its destination, making it heavier on your wrist? I find it easiest to hold close to the middle of the handle, where the controls are located. I certainly felt it in my hand.

VIM comes in a glossy cardboard box, but no storage bag. As a luxury wand at a luxury price, it should come with a bag, Fun Factory!


VIM vs. Magic Wand:

For the wand connoisseur, let’s compare VIM, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, and Magic Wand Mini. For intensity, the MW Rechargeable is the strongest on the highest of 4 settings, but most of us don’t ever need to get to that highest setting. VIM definitely competes for intensity with 5 levels, and is the most rumbly and thuddy at all speeds.

VIM has the slimmest handle, great for small hands. But see Caveat above.


  • VIM:  15.2 ounces
  • MW Rechargeable: 1 pound, 5 ounces
  • MW Mini: 9.7 ounces


  • VIM: 12 inches
  • MW Rechargeable: 13 inches
  • MW Mini: 9.5 inches


VIM for penises, too

VIM loves vulvas, but if there’s a penis in your life, don’t be greedy – share your VIM. Our Shamus MacDuff reports enjoying VIM on his penis, first up and down the shaft and scrotum, and then concentrated on his frenulum when he’s sufficiently warmed up and ready for a happy ending. He reminds us that his favorite Fun Factory toys are the versatile Volta (his top favorite for solo and partnered penis pleasuring) and the Manta.

background painting by Robert Rice



Fun Factory, based in Germany, is one of my favorite sex toy companies, specializing in well-made, long-lasting, colorful, multi-use vibrators with unique, often playful designs. Thank you, Fun Factory, for sending me VIM for an honest review. Purchase your VIM from Fun Factory here.

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Body Kisses by Gender X: review by Shamus MacDuff

gender x body kisses vibrating suction massager

If you’re a penis owner, do you enjoy blow jobs? Do you like to lie back and let someone/ something else pleasure you? If so, you need to meet Body Kisses, a new Gender X toy sold by Betty’s Toy Box. Gender X describes it as a “vibrating suction stroker and humping toy.” It functions nicely as a penis toy! It is a fun and handy toy for senior penis owners, especially, because a hard erection is not required to enjoy it fully.


Body Kisses has a “mouth” not quite an inch wide and stretchy that opens into a 2-inch deep chamber. Insert the head of your penis—flaccid or erect—and engage the easy-to-use controls atop the toy. One button turns it on and off and changes the three speeds and four patterns. The other button triggers the suction mechanism so that air is removed and the “mouth” grips your member. By clever design the vibrating function and the sucking function can operate together or separately.


Start flaccid. Usually, I begin using Body Kisses by inserting my flaccid penis head. That’s because I find that once I’m completely erect, it takes lube and quite a bit of pushing to get my penis inside the toy’s chamber. The same is true for the Fun Factory Rainbow Amor dildo with a 1.5 inch diameter. Lube is essential for girthier insertions.


While we’re playing with dildos, the slender Fun Factory Limba Flex S (1.1 inch diameter) and the gorgeous Subana Sweetheart Glass Dildo (1.26 inch diameter) from England had an easy time sliding into the Body Kisses.



Back to me and my pleasure. My favorite way to play solo with Body Kisses is first to trigger the suction mode so that the slightly-under-half-a-pound toy clings to and hangs down from my penis. Then, while it’s just sucking, I increase the speed and alternate the patterns. As my erection rises I add the vibrating function to the sucking function so that both are at work. Finally, with the fully activated toy dangling between my legs, the external humping area buzzes my testicles while the sucking and vibrating “mouth” brings me to a climax.


Body Kisses is made of silicone and is splash proof but not immersible. It’s relatively quiet, and it is easy to hold and manipulate. Body Kisses is rechargeable with a magnetic USB cable provided. A minimal instruction sheet is included along with a 5-year warranty card. The packaging is spartan—a thin cardboard box containing a flimsy plastic holder for the toy and cable. I wished that it came with a cloth carrying bag.


This was odd. I was puzzled to discover that after cleaning and (I thought) drying the toy, water and toy cleaner bubbled out of the small hole on the side the next time I used it. I learned to avoid this by operating the vibrating function during the cleaning process until all fluids were emptied from the toy’s cavity. Gender X should have explained this issue on the instruction sheet.


What is Gender X? In November 2021, Evolved Novelties launched Gender X, a new line of sex toys that moves away from traditional gender-specific marketing. Under the motto “universal imagination,” Gender X wants us to discover our own pleasures from any specific toy. Their idea is for the possibilities of gender-neutral sex toys to be user-driven and open-ended.

I was curious about the name they’d chosen for the toy, so in the spirit of user-driven universal imagination, I first applied it to various sensitive body parts that like to be kissed. But it didn’t “kiss” my nipples, scrotum, or inner thigh, even when I applied lube around the rim of its suction hole to see if that created a seal. My cis-female partner did not find either the suction or the “hump” particularly stimulating on any of her erogenous body parts. Fortunately, using Body Kisses on my penis proved an excellent choice!


Many thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending Body Kisses for an honest review it. My pleasure!

Betty’s Toy Box offers 10% off  all products to Joan’s blog readers with coupon code JOAN10 – check out Betty’s many fine products.



Oct. 15, 2023 update:

In January 2023, Joan Price permitted me to review Body Kisses. The toy was pregnant with possibilities, and 9 months later I can now report on a full term delivery. It is my go-to toy, bar none, for solo penis pleasure. Here are some exciting ways I use Body Kisses:

  • Like most people I have very sensitive nipples. Body Kisses provides hands-free penis pleasure, allowing me to manually stimulate my nipples simultaneously. That combination always brings me to orgasm.
  • Turn on the toy, then double click to turn on the suction mechanism without using any speed or pattern. Return to the on/off-speed-and-pattern button and find those that give you the most pleasure.
  • My own favorite is to work through the 3 speeds while the toy dangles between my legs, exciting my scrotum. Alternatively, it’s also thrilling to coordinate the separate patterns in the suction mechanism with those in the speed-and-pattern mechanism for a rollicking good time. Identify your own pleasure pattern, lean back, and enjoy!


Shamus MacDuff, age 80, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys for penises until about 6 years ago. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts here at





Womanizer Marilyn Monroe special edition – review

Womanizer box among lemons

The Womanizer Marilyn Monroe™ Special Edition Clitoral Suction Stimulator from LoveHoney is a gorgeous, elegantly designed and packaged gift for your clitoris. It comes in four colors: white marble (pictured), black marble, mint green, and vivid red.

This powerful “Pleasure Air” technology toy has 10 intensity levels from “ummm” to “oh, yes, yes, yes!” It’s completely waterproof.

back view

If you’re new to “Pleasure Air” sex toys, they feel a lot like gentle pulsing and sucking. Apply water-based lubricant to your clitoris, and place the nozzle-looking part over it. Start with the lowest setting, relax, and gradually raise the intensity as you need it. It’s a delicious feeling!


Why Marilyn Monroe?



Born 1926, Marilyn became the sex symbol for my generation. I remember devouring stories about Marilyn in movie star magazines when I was in junior high and trying to figure out what being a woman meant. I barely understood what “sexy” meant or stood for, but I knew she was the epitome, way beyond my aspirations. My little breasts were embarrassing. Hers were awe-inspiring.

She had it all, or so we thought. Marilyn died by suicide of a barbiturate overdose at age 36.




The controls on the back are remarkably clear and easy to use. From bottom to top:

  • The two raised silver dots are for the connecting points for the magnetic charger.
  • Power button: press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on and off.  Press and release quickly for the “afterglow” setting (see below). The power button lights up in use. It’s also a handy battery level indicator which flashes quickly when the Womanizer is half-charged and slowly when it’s close to discharged.
  • Minus (-) button: press and release to lower intensity.
  • Plus (+) button: press and release to raise intensity.
  • Note that the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons are different sizes, easy to choose the right one, even with eyes closed.



  • Like the Womanizer ECO (my personal favorite), this version comes with a cotton drawstring bag for storage.
  • Charging is simple with the USB magnetic charging cord. Unlike many magnetic chargers, this one attaches tightly and doesn’t disengage until you pull it off.
  • Two silicone “stimulation heads” are included. These pop off for easy switching or washing. Although one is a little higher than the other, the difference in width is negligible.
  • A short, clear, illustrated user booklet with easy-on-the-eyes black print on white. I’ve complained in the past about user manuals that were all but illegible to our old eyes, e.g. small white print on pink background, ugh.



I love the Afterglow function! If you require high intensity to orgasm, and immediately afterward your clitoris is too sensitive and you abruptly remove or turn off your vibrator, here’s a special treat. After enjoying a strong orgasm at whatever intensity gets you there, press the power button quickly and it switches to the lowest setting. I think of it as letting your clitoris “purr” for a while after your orgasm.



Is Womanizer Marilyn Monroe for you?

  • Yes, if you’re a Marilyn Monroe fan and want to honor her with your orgasms.
  • No, if you’re uncomfortable with Marilyn’s name and image used without her consent. (Her estate did consent.) FYI The Marilyn Monroe is exactly the same as the Classic 2, other than the appearance and references to Marilyn.
  • Yes, if you’re giving a gift and want a beautiful design.
  • No, if you already have another Womanizer or air puff stimulator that you use and love. Other than the colors, it’s similar to other Womanizers.
  • Yes, if you’re a beginner to “pleasure air” technology. The lowest settings are mild and will help you get used to this kind of stimulation.


Womanizer 2015

You’ve come a long way, Womanizer!

I’ve been enjoying and reviewing Womanizer clitoral stimulators since the first one — a hideously garish but marvelously effective game changer — entered my bedroom in 2015. Since then, I’ve reviewed updated Womanizers as they became prettier, sleeker, easier to use, more powerful, altogether more deliciously satisfying.




Thank you, LoveHoney, for sending me the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe™ Special Edition Clitoral Suction Stimulator in return for an honest review.

Womanizer box among lemons