Suck or Rotate? Two Strokers, reviewed by Shamus MacDuff

Photo Suction Stroker and Rotating Stroker called "The Male Rose" by The One


Suction Stroker (bottom); Rotating Stroker (top)


Both the Suction Stroker and Rotating Stroker from The One are penis strokers designed to mimic various aspects of fellatio. The One calls them “The Male Rose,” referring to a popular vulva toy called The Rose. “The Male Rose” brings to mind Juliet’s famous Shakespearean line: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet.”

Our question is, do these strokers offer blow jobs as sweet as a partner’s mouth? Well, no, but they sure do suck and rotate!



The One Suction Stroker

For this penis owner, the Suction Stroker is the more successful of the two. Its sleeve for insertion has a small 3/4” opening, the size of a penny. Your penis must be erect and lubed to fit through the stretchable opening into the 4” deep chamber. Once you’re inside, three easily accessible buttons control five suction modes, ten vibration modes and the power level. Combine these to find many settings to your liking.

When operating, the toy clamps onto your member. You can even let it dangle hands-free while stroking your nipples or other erogenous zones. It not only sucks on your cock, but when hanging down, it also reverberates pleasantly against your balls.

Caveat: Once you’ve cleaned the Suction Stroker after use be sure to turn the motor on over the sink with the handle pointing down to eliminate any water that hasn’t already shaken out. Otherwise you’ll be sprayed by a tiny opening in the handle end when next you power up to play. The One should have mentioned this.

The Suction Stroker is 8” long and 3 1/2” wide, considerably larger and heavier (just under a pound!) than Body Kisses by Gender X. Even so, the large variety of pattern combinations is delightful, and for me, this “Male Rose” is a “keeper.”


The One Rotating Stroker

The Rotating Stroker requires hands-on at all times because it has a 2-1/2” wide mouth that doesn’t close around your penis. It has nine vibrating, rotating, thrusting patterns and a warming function. Frankly, these make me feel as if my member is a stick in a tug-of-war with my dog. Although personally I don’t find the wild thrashing actions sexy, you might like the sensations. A lubed and erect penis is required to successfully access the toy. The Rotating Stroker is 10” long, 2-1/2” wide, and 3-1/2” deep.


“Mouths” of Suction (L) and Rotating (R)

Both Strokers

These strokers are rather heavy and cumbersome compared to other penis toys I’ve reviewed. They are somewhat noisy, especially the Suction Stroker when it’s in full “enthusiastic mode.” Each toy comes with a USB magnetic charger, and they hold a charge for quite a while.

The “action ends” that envelop your penis are of silicone. Their chambers contain lots of soft silicone nubbles to surround your cock, which I enjoy. The handles that contain the motors are made of ABS plastic.

Neither stroker is waterproof. You’ll need to wash the silicone chambers of the strokers with warm water and gentle hand soap while being careful to keep water away from its handle.


Final Thoughts

I considered titling this review, “The Ray Gun and the Carp.” The Suction Stroker resembles the ray guns of science fiction fame. The opening of the Rotating Stroker looks like the mouth of a hungry carp. The “ray gun” definitely has the means to blow you away, and if you’re not careful the “carp” will swallow you in a thrash. I recommend the Suction Stroker with enthusiasm — the Rotating Stroker not so much.


Many thanks to Good Vibes for sending me the One’s Suction Stroker and Rotating Stroker in return for an honest review.

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Shamus MacDuff, age 80, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys for penises until age 73. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts at


Pulse Solo Essential Dragon Eye review by Shamus MacDuff

The Pulse by Hot Octopuss is the trailblazer for top quality penis vibrators that can be used with or without an erection.

Its central “cradle” is cleverly designed to enwrap and arouse your penis. The strategically located, coin-shaped oscillating plate moves through various speeds and patterns to stimulate your frenulum, the most sensitive part of your penis. This excites nerves and brings you to a delightful orgasm. Pulse works with even the most flaccid penis.


Now there’s a new model: the shimmering blue Pulse Solo Essential Dragon Eye. It’s gorgeous to look at, and even better to experience!


Hot Octopuss pioneered penis vibrators with the original Pulse 10 years ago. Over the past decade they’ve added new models and refinements to their original “guybrator,” such as the Pulse Solo Lux and Pocket Pulse (no longer available, sorry), which I reviewed. Now, celebrating 10 years and over 2 million sold, they’ve introduced the beautiful blue Pulse Solo Essential Dragon Eye to their stable. All Pulses are fully waterproof, made of medically safe silicone, and can be enjoyed with or without lube (use water-based only).


The word essential in the name of this new Pulse model is especially relevant for us senior penis owners. The Dragon Eye has all the essentials to produce penis pleasure regardless of whether you can obtain or sustain an erection. You don’t need to have an erection to reach orgasm using this beauty. Yes, a flaccid penis is capable of orgasm. The Pulse Solo Essential is the right tool for your tool!


Controls are easy: a button on one side turns it on and off and cycles through patterns. The “+” and “-” buttons on the other side control the speed and intensity. A charger is included. And it’s waterproof!


I use my Dragon Eye primarily to masturbate solo. Slowly revving it up to top speed brings me to an erection. I then have fun alternating among the toy’s five patterns, and practicing edging for a while, before finally ejaculating. As a recent experiment, my partner manipulated the toy on my lubed member while I reclined in mounting ecstasy. Although Dragon Eye isn’t specifically designed for partner play, this caper produced a wonderful orgasm. My partner said she found my pleasure both delightful and arousing!


The symbol of a Dragon Eye is unusual and has several possible referents. The one that appears most appropriate as a name for this sexual pleasure enhancer is its spiritual meaning: the balance of love, power and wisdom. You’ll be wise to purchase a Dragon Eye Pulse Solo Essential, and you’re sure to love the power it gives you!


The Dragon Eye is a limited edition, so buy yours now while it’s available! Thank you, Hot Octopuss, for sending me the Dragon Eye in return for an honest review.


Shamus MacDuff, age 80, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys for penises until about 6 years ago. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts at





PleX vibrating butt plug reviewed by Shamus MacDuff

PleX vibrating butt plug

PleX is a “customizable vibrating butt plug,” says its creator, Hot Octopuss. I see it more as a vibrating dildo for your rear end, more a pleasure plunger than a plug. The anal area is rich in erogenous nerve endings, whatever your gender.

Prostate owners will find PleX a fine “P spot” massager. The insertable part is 4.5 inches, more than enough to reach your prostate, which lies 3 to 4 inches from the start of the anal canal. But you don’t need to have a prostate to enjoy PleX for anal play.


How does it work? Anal toys give you a full feeling by putting pressure on internal erogenous zones. PleX’s 1.25-inch diameter (4-inch circumference) girth “full-fills” this via the shape of its nicely tapered bulb. Once sufficiently slick with water-based lube, PleX glides in easily. You can then move it in and out or wiggle it all about. By adjusting the five different vibration patterns and varying the strength of the Treble and Bass levels, you’ll locate the perfect vibratory buzz and spot you seek.


What’s “customizable”?  PleX offers many vibration options via Hot Octopuss’s unique Treble-Bass feature. This special technology has two motors that you control separately to produce a host of delightful sensory combinations. Each has five speeds and five vibration modes with adjustable frequency. With this customizable device you can experiment and mix different Treble and Bass levels until you find the one — or more — just right for you.


I first enjoyed this patented Treble and Bass technology in 2019 with the JETT, Hot Octopuss’s second wonderful penis toy after the innovative Pulse “guybrator.” In 2021, they extended it to the Kurve — a much-lauded toy for vulva owners, which Joan calls “a party in your vagina!”










“Flex”? Hot Octopuss calls their toy “PleX with flex.” They promote the benefit of the insertable part bending up to 90 degrees in any direction. While that flexibility allows you to move PleX around at different angles, the bulb doesn’t hold or retain the bent position. It returns to its original shape almost immediately. “PleX with flex” may be a cute rhyme, but for me the flex adds nothing to the pleasure of the PleX.


Remote control: PleX comes with a remote control so you or someone else can change vibration levels without needing to touch the toy. The remote lets a partner surprise and stimulate you while you recline in pleasure. However, the remote is small — just 1.5 inches square — and very thin, making it easy to lose. It’s difficult to press the buttons on the remote with lubed fingers. (PleX’s controls on the toy itself are easy to manipulate, even with lubed fingers.)


Like all Hot Octopuss toys, PleX is made from body safe materials. Its sleek black matte silicone body with just a touch of chrome on the base radiates quality. It is completely waterproof (except for the remote), fully USB rechargeable via the pin cable included, and relatively quiet. It makes a delightful shower toy.


Personally, I find PleX to be much more than an anal toy. It’s a feel-good-all-over toy! Its separate patterns and vibration levels delight my penis, my scrotum, my perineum, and my nipples. I like to use PleX externally to excite these different erogenous zones before beginning anal play. Once I’m revved and lubed up, PleX provides a range of lovely sensations after insertion. I especially find it fun to alter the rhythmic variations and the vibration levels to explore different locational sensitivities.


PleX is a fine new fun toy from Hot Octopuss. Its versatility extends beyond the nether region, and it would make a superb gift for yourself or someone special.



Shamus MacDuff, age 79, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys until about 5 years ago. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts here.

Rocketeer Vibrating Penis Enhancer Sheath review by Shamus MacDuff

penis vibrator

rocketeer penis vibratorThink of the Rocketeer Vibrating Penis Enhancer Sheath as a “booster rocket” for self-pleasuring. When I saw ads for it, I was eager to try it out. Rocketeer is an innovative sheath that wraps partially around and sits atop your erect penis. It attaches to your member and around your scrotum via three stretchy loops. The nine-speed motor is easy to turn on and off. Rocketeer is waterproof, relatively quiet, made of silicone, and recharges easily through a USB cable provided. It is a unique new design. What’s not to like?


rocketeer penis vibrator

I was very excited when the Rocketeer made by Gender X arrived from Betty’s Toy Box. I charged it, cleaned it thoroughly, and prepared to take it for a ride. But it didn’t fit me properly. Only two rings of the potential “three ring circus” this toy promises attached to me. The one that stretched around my scrotum went on easily and comfortably, as did the one that looped around the base of my penis. But the ring meant to encircle my erect penis head flopped forlornly nearly an inch too far away. Imagine my frustration!


The packaging for Rocketeer mentions that it is 6.06 inches long. But I didn’t expect that it would only fit those with erections of that length or greater. Alfred Kinsey was a pioneer in sexuality research who made many important contributions. Unfortunately, one of those, published in the 1960s, was based upon highly problematic data: self-reports from men who measured their own erect penises. From that flawed information Kinsey and colleagues concluded that average erect penis size was over 6 inches. Evidently, Rocketeer’s designers relied upon this outdated information.

Rockeer penis viborator on dildo

Rocketeer displayed on Betty’s Toy Box dildo


In the half century since Kinsey’s work, many more careful studies of erect penis length have been done. These use measurements taken by health professionals rather than provided from self reports. The resultant more accurate data show that human erect penis length forms a statistically normal distribution: the average is between 5.1 and 5.5 inches. The range between 4.5 inches and 5.8 inches covers 68 percent of the men measured, and from 3.9 inches to 6.3 inches covers 95 percent of the variance.


An erection measuring 6 inches lies in the top 15 percent for penis length, and an erect penis of 6.3 inches is in the 95th percentile, which means only 5 out of every 100 exceed that length. These data highlight Rocketeer’s major problem: the toy has been constructed to fit an erect penis of 6.06 inches or more. That design miscalculation means that it will not properly fit the great majority of its potential customers!


The photographs  below show Rocketeer mounted on dildos of different sizes. Granted, these dildos don’t have scrotums, but you get the idea of the fit.

Rocketeer on 5.2″ dildo

Rocketeer on 4.75″ dildo

Rocketeer on 6.0″ dildo


Given my frustration, I tried a work-around to see if I could experience at least some of the sensations the toy might offer. I doubled the penis head ring back on itself and placed it onto my member so that, bunched up, it remained briefly in place. I then pulled a condom over this bundle. That snugged it enough so I could start the motor and receive at least a modicum of the motor’s patterns.


While these felt good in a low-level sort of way, I felt cheated. And I’m afraid this toy will disappoint any owner of an erect penis measuring less than 6.06 inches in length. I can’t speak for those who measure more. While the basic plan of Rocketeer is a good one, unless Gender X remakes it in a length that will fit more than a mere 15 percent of their intended market, I’m afraid their rocket has misfired.


If your erection length is right for the Rocketeer, watch Carolyn’s upbeat video about ways you can use it for solo and partner fun, including during intercourse. Although Rocketeer Vibrating Penis Enhancer Sheath didn’t work for me, I wish to emphasize that Betty’s Toy Box is a great source of excellent products. I encourage you to visit their site. Use this link and the coupon code JOAN10 for a 10% discount off any purchase.


Learn more about erect penis length:



Shamus MacDuff, age 79, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys for penises until about 5 years ago. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts here.