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Welcome! To introduce myself, I’m an author, speaker, sex educator, and advocate for ageless sexuality. In other words, I talk out loud about senior sex!

I’ve been writing and speaking about senior sex since I was a mere lass of 61 in 2005. Now 80 as I write this in April 2024, I am honored and overjoyed that my work is getting so much attention and bringing new readers who are eager for age-positive, sex-positive information and community. If you’re new to my work, I hope you’ll explore my books and webinars as well as all the free information on this website.

Thank you for joining me here. If you haven’t already done this, I invite you to subscribe to my free newsletter for senior sex news and views.

I know the amount of information on this site can be daunting. Here are some blog posts and other information that I hope you find helpful:


Popular past articles and posts:


  • How can I reach orgasm more easily? Although your stories are unique, the essential question is often the same. The practical advice here offers you several approaches you can take on your own, and when you need to consult a medical professional.



All about sex toys for seniors:


  • How to Choose a Vibrator.” I’m often asked, “What’s the best vibrator?” I’m happy to help, but the answer isn’t that easy. Here’s plenty of guidance to make the perfect choices for your own needs and pleasure.


  • Read my vibrator reviews from a senior perspective to help you choose. When you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the reviews that appear, click “older posts,” because I’ve been doing this for years! Thanks to Shamus MacDuff, we also have reviews of penis sex toys.



Read or Watch! 

You’ll find plenty of free information and helpful tips on my website and blog. When you’re ready to dig more deeply and learn how to enrich your sex life and relationships, my books and webinars are valuable resources.

All my books are available for purchase in the United States from my website. I’ll autograph them for you and, upon request, I’m happy to add a personalized inscription to you or your gift recipient.


“I always love Joan’s books because they are real, honest, inspirational, and audacious. Thank you, Joan Price, sister warrior, for joining me in building an army of orgasmic vibrating women (and men) to change society’s view of sexuality. The healing has begun.”

– Betty Dodson, PhD, author, sexologist, sex ed pioneer (1929-2020)



Great Sex without PenetrationMy educational webinars are 90-minute online classes on my most popular presentation topics. Watch, listen, learn, and create your action plan for  improving your own senior sex life. Receive 30% off by using coupon code 2+webinars-30%.

Recordings of these five webinars are available for viewing:

  • 7 Steps to Reclaiming Your Sexual Pleasure
  • Sex Toys for Seniors 
  • Great Sex without Penetration
  • 12 Steps to Sexy Aging – Starting Now! 
  • How the Heck Do I Date at This Age?

See descriptions of each webinar.


“My wife and I enjoyed your ‘Great Sex Without Penetration’ webinar very much. The real value of the presentation was the manner-of-fact way that you talk about sex without penetration. In particular, talking frankly about pursuing sexual pleasure. Your webinars have been the catalyst for several lengthy talks. Our conversations (especially the pillow-talk) and our play time together have simply been better.”

“I wrote what I thought to be a compelling profile on OKCupid, but it attracted relatively little interest. ‘How the Heck Do I Date at This Age’ provided important tips and suggestions for revision. After I incorporated these insights the activity level on my profile increased markedly and resulted in numerous inquiries and several fun dates with good matches.” 

“My wife and I thoroughly loved your informative webinar on sex toys for seniors. She took 3 pages of detailed notes. We appreciated having a reliable and knowledgeable resource with practical information and healthy safe sex toys. We especially like that you are endorsing only high quality sex toys. “


Talk to Me Privately

Do you have sexual concerns that you’d like to discuss with me privately? As a sex educator specializing in senior sexuality for 19 years, I am available for fee-based personal consultations via Zoom.

Please email me for information, describing the concerns or problems you’d like help with. I’ll respond with the procedure and fee. I’d love to help you.


From a recent consultation client: 

“Joan Price combines total professionalism with vast knowledge and a heart for helping people. I opened up easily, and unblinkingly she addressed my concerns with information accented with genuine empathy and concern. Joan analyzed our situation and provided guidance and suggestions that made total sense. At the end of our consultation, I felt elated – that feeling of optimism and hope based upon real knowledge of how to make my life better.”




  1. Lees Sherwood on April 25, 2024 at 12:40 am

    Zoom contact,and what fee?..Thank you

    • Joan Price on April 25, 2024 at 1:36 pm

      Are you asking about a consultation? As it says above, “Please email me [link above] for information, describing the concerns or problems you’d like help with. I’ll respond with the procedure and fee.”

  2. Sharon Burch on April 7, 2024 at 3:55 pm

    So glad your sensible, down to earth commentary on common problems with aging sex activities is available. Thank you so very much!

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