“Today 80 is the new 60,” octagenarians study sex

The wonderful people at A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center in Madison, WI, run a summer school about sexuality for seniors which was recently covered by StorybridgeTV. To view the TV segment, click “play.” (You may need to hear the opening sentence a few times as it loads — be patient.) You’ll hear feisty comments by the elders taking the class, and tips from Myrtle Wilhite M.D. M.S., co-owner of A Woman’s Touch.

As the show’s promo says, “If you don’t think octagenarians are interested in sex, you could learn a thing or two from this class. After you watch this story, you’ll never look at aging the same way again. And that’s a good thing!”

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  1. Ellen on August 8, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    As one of the instructors for the course, the thing that always strikes me about this group is how clear they are about what they like and want. In the class I taught last June someone asked me how I felt teaching a “bunch of old fogies”. What I told them was that they are my favorite students because they have enough life experience to know what they like, what they want, and that it’s ok to go after it! I am thrilled to have these trailblazers in my classes; they are changing the way everyone thinks about sex.

    Doing this class led to one of my favorite projects: working with our local hospice center to make sure people get support for enjoying intimacy and sexuality all the way to the end of life. I want everyone to know that you don’t ever have to give up sex, you just have to change your expectations of the experience.

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