Safer Sex for Seniors

I’ve been shouting about this for six years, and now we’ve got a Safer Sex for Seniors website, a video, a poster, and an advertising campaign to encourage/ inform/ bludgeon our age group to use condoms!

The campaign launched today with this video and a website filled with FAQ about safer sex for seniors written by thirteen sex educators— most members of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium. (I wrote two of these:  Tips for the Condom Conversation and 10 Tips for Hot Solo Sex.)

I think the video is entertaining enough to get people to watch and share it (though I wish some non-heterosexual couples had been depicted). Will the message get through? Certainly if people click to it will.

Help me pass the word, will you?



  1. Joan Price on August 20, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    Anon, is perfectly safe — millions have visited the site, and if your computer is blocking it, it's likely your browser settings. As for your question about going "bare," please read the site and the Safer Sex chapter in Naked at Our Age. There's no way to assure that a new partner is free of STIs. Age doesn't matter, which is the point of this site, set up as a public service.

  2. 8/20 Anon on August 20, 2012 at 9:33 am

    What topics does this cover? I ask for a few reasons. One is that the site doesn't seem too safe. I got two things blocked and through deduction it was probably the site but I'm no computer expert.

    Second, what does it cover about age disparity and risks involved? Sleeping with young women brings risk of pregnancy but not so with an older post-menopausal female. Is a condom still advisable if you are both clean? I'd figure going bare and being able to freely ejaculate into someone would be okay. Are there condoms specifically aimed at the elderly population? What of young females with older males? Assuming something goes wrong with a condom, are babies affected differently by older sperm?

    *One other thing I realized: One year post. 🙂

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