Kinkly Sex Blogger of the Month

“Naked at Our Age is THE blog to read when it comes to sex for people over 50 – and beyond. It’s fun, sexy and – if you’re aspiring to a long and healthy sex life – inspiring.” These words are from Kinkly, a website about sex whose mission is “to start that conversation, answer your questions and help you discover new and exciting things about sex, love and your body.” I’m honored and delighted to be chosen the Kinkly Sex Blogger of the Month for September 2018!

This brings me joy. I love knowing that my work is appreciated! More important, it shows that we’re getting closer to the time when older-age sexuality is seen as normal and fabulous.

It starts with us, my generation, celebrating the joys and sharing how we address the challenges of having sex in aging bodies.

Then it spreads to the bigger sex-positive community like Kinkly, CatalystCon, Woodhull, and all the sex educators and media that give me a platform to share this information.

Next step: eradicate the “ick factor” that surrounds sex and aging. Okay, I’m dreaming big, but I was dreaming big when I started this blog in 2005 and wrote my first book about senior sex, and look what happened!

If you’re new to this blog, check out the categories and roam, reading whatever interests you. For more about sex and aging, I invite you to subscribe to my occasional (once or twice a month) newsletter, and “like” my Naked at Our Age Facebook page.

Welcome, and thank you for being part of my world!

Is This Blog Valuable to You? If so…


Every year, the delightful Rori — sassy, submissive blogger at Between My Sheets — takes on a monumental task. She asks people who enjoy reading sex-themed blogs to nominate their favorite sex bloggers. She gets hundreds of nominations.

Then Rori, sometimes aided by guest judges and sometimes not, reads every blog that has been nominated, and she selects and ranks the 100 best of the year.

I’ve had the honor of being nominated and judged worthy of being on this list all four of the past years: #21 in 2009; #10 (!) in 2010; #14 in 2011; and #30 in 2012. I feel particularly honored because this is the only senior sex blog on the list, and one of the few that is educational rather than erotic.

Now I’m doing my annual begging: If you find this blog valuable to you, would you please nominate “Joan Price’s sex & aging blog:” on Rori’s 2013 nominations page here?

Thank you!
Between My Sheets

Unabashed Request for Nomination: Best Sex Bloggers List 2012

Help put me on the 2012 list, too, please!

  If you read and enjoy my blog, would you do me a big favor– Nominate me for the 2012 Top Sex Bloggers list?


This annual list is determined by sex-savvy and blog-savvy Rori of Between My Sheets. Go here, and comment that you nominate Joan Price’s sex and aging blog, (AKA http://betterthanieverex
), and say why. I’ve been on this list for three years in a row — can we make it four?

Mine is the only blog specifically about sex and aging that’s ever made the list, as far as I know, though there are several other delightful blogs that don’t shy away from the topic.

Mine is also one of the few that offers sex education rather than erotic entertainment and titillation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — it’s just not what I do here, despite the efforts of a few men who send me requests for naked photos and/or send their own! (No, no, no, that is NOT a request.) Rori’s own blog, you’ll see, is starkly graphic (complete with moving parts), so be warned to click in private — not at work or in front of the grandkids.

So if you enjoy reading the senior sex news, views and reviews you find here, and you want senior sex to have its place on the Top Sex Bloggers list, I hope you’ll take a moment and nominate me. Feel free to copy your nomination comment below so my blog readers and I can enjoy it, if you like!

#14 of Top Sex Bloggers 2011!

 I’m proud to be #14 of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2011, as judged by smart, sassy, sexy Rori, the sex blogger of Between My Sheets, after nominations by the huge sex blogger/sex reader community.

Everyone who blogs about sex hopes to be on this annual list, and I’m proud that this is the third year in a row that this blog has made the cut — in fact it’s been in the top 21 each time.

Of course I find the honor rewarding personally (woo hoo — people read my blog and like it!), but even more, I am gratified that our topic is compelling enough to receive this high ranking among the many hundreds of sex blogs out there.

As far as I know — and I still have to finish reading all the other award winners — this is the only blog that focuses specifically on senior/elder sex, and one of the few in the top 100 that aims to be informative rather than erotic or titillating. Most of the award winners are in-your-face, down-and-dirty, sexually graphic in both writing and photos. That’s cool, they’re fun to read, and I’m not putting them down at all — but my aim here is quite different.

I want this blog to be a resource for senior sex-themed information and viewpoints and a place to go when you want to read about senior sex. I want seniors and elders who grew up when I did to feel comfortable here. I see sexuality as a fascinating subject, even more at this age because it’s so often kept under the covers. I want to normalize talking out loud about senior sex, and in a respectful, informative manner.

Not everyone likes my style. One year, a reader complained that my blog wasn’t “actual sex” and my credibility as a sex blogger was in question because I didn’t describe my own sex acts with partners, if indeed I had any. OK, move on, then.

I’m so happy that Rori and all of you who nominated this blog find it worthy of inclusion in the Top 100,and I thank all of you who read it. I love getting comments, so feel free to post (include your age, if you don’t mind).

Enjoy the Top 100 — but watch out, most of these blogs are not safe for reading at work (unless your work has a sex focus) or around the grandkids!