Naked at Our Age Facebook Page

If you wish I’d post more frequently, here’s how to get your senior sex information fix daily, or even several times a day: My Naked At Our Age Facebook page is a resource for all sorts of news, views, and tidbits that relate to senior sex and sometimes to sexuality in general.

Here are some recent topics from the past few days:

  • The Great Wall of Vagina: a video about an art project presenting casts of vulvas, so we can see that we’re all unique and beautiful, and our vulvas don’t need surgical fixing.
  • Vibrators and Airports Don’t Mix: When a sex educator traveling in China with her LELO Mia was questioned by non-English-speaking security, how did she communicate what this item was?
  • Do Christians have the largest penis? An 80-year-old blogger blames feminism, homosexuality, and Mexicans for the shrinkage of the average penis from 6.5″ to 5.25″.  Or is it all a spoof?

I hope I’ve stimulated your curiosity! Visit, “like” the page so you can comment, and enjoy!


Naked at Our Age Facebook fan page

Do you use Facebook? I just started a Naked at Our Age Facebook fan page. Here’s the idea:

As I write Naked at Our Age, I invite you to contribute your questions and viewpoints. My new book about sex & aging will include senior/elder sex stories, questions, problems, solutions. Visit the Naked at Our Age fan page, check “become a fan” and you can post comments and participate in our discussions.

I hope you’ll join and speak up! Please tell your other Facebook senior/elder friends.