What juicy younger women need to know about sex & aging

Thanks to NML, 29-year-old UK blogger, for reprinting my Hot Sex Tips From the Older Generation

I just left a comment for her readers, which I’m reprinting here:

What you might not realize, as juicy younger people, is that the body does indeed give us some challenges to satisfying sex after 60, but there are ways we can learn to prepare beforehand so that we don’t have to “fix it” afterwards.

In my book, a woman age 75 who had been celibate for 38 years (!) tells her story. She had just fallen in love with a man age 88. They were very loving and sexual, but could not achieve penetration because it was “too much of a stretch” and her dryness — even with lubrication — created pain and led to infection. She was very frustrated by not being able to “complete” the act of love.

What women don’t realize — and their doctors don’t think to tell them in time — is that there are preventive measures that we can take to make sure we don’t get in that situation. I’m not going to give away everything that’s in my book, but I do have tips from experts on keeping our sexual parts vital, youthful, and in working order, even when we’re not in a relationship.

I think that should be required reading for single women who think they might welcome sex in the future, don’t you?

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