US News & World Report: “Love lives keep getting longer and better”

Deborah Kotz writes about senior sex in this week’s US News & World Report: “Making the Most of the New Sexual Revolution: Love lives keep getting longer and better. Yours can, too.”

“‘Comedian George Burns once cracked that “sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope,’ Kotz begins. “Clearly, he was speaking for his own generation.”

Contrast George Burns with Ernest Borgnine and you’ll see the difference. Of course it’s not just generational — every person ages differently and his or her sexuality also ages uniquely — but there certainly is a new attitude (hurrah!) about talking out loud about elder sexual feelings and activities.

The US News & World Report article cites recent statistics about the percentage of the aging population still enjoying sex, the brain chemicals that act like happy pills when we have sex, and, of course, the physical challenges to a good sex love in later years. Good article — check it out.

FYI, Kotz interviewed me at length for this article and one sentence survived the editing process:

Joan Price, the 64-year-old author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty, says that she had the best sex of her life after meeting her late husband seven years ago. “He saw me as beautiful, and I thought, if he thinks
it, it must be so.”

(That’s not really the point I made, but I’ll let it stand.)

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