Worst First Dates age 50+

My new book, Naked at Our Age, deals with many issues that aren’t the least bit funny — physical and emotional challenges of aging that affect your enjoyment of your sexuality. I don’t joke about these issues.

But I think the dating chapter needs (and deserves) some humor. (If not there, where?) If you’ve dated after age 50, you’re the one who can provide it.

Tell me about your worst first date as a single senior. Just a couple of sentences or so, enough to make us shudder and be glad we weren’t there. Post here (I’ll assume I have permission to use your worst first date anonymously in my book), or email me. Thank you!
Rescue Me, He's Wearing a Moose Hat: And 40 Other Dates after 50
Sherry Halperin filled a book with her dating disasters in her hilarious Rescue Me, He’s Wearing a Moose Hat: And 40 Other Dates after 50.

I’m also interested in hearing the worst first dates you avoided by not responding to bad matches from online dating profiles and emails — what did they say that let you know you’d rather sit alone with your cat forever than have even one coffee date with this person?

To get you started, here are a few responses I got from another site where I posted this request and from email:

1. He spent the entire dinner complaining about his ex: “She just wasn’t really proactive about furthering the relationship. Women over a certain age should be confident enough to take charge!” He went on and on… about how women in general expected men to take charge of everything, pay for everything, yada, yada, yada…. I stopped answering Mr. Boring and Self-Absorbed’s calls after that.

2. I lived in the heart of the gay community in a very gay-friendly city. Mr. Bible Thumper was slightly shocked when he saw two men holding hands walking down the street. “Homosexuality is an abomination against God!” he declared. Well, alrighty then — glad we cleared that up. Being an agnostic and also the sister of a late in life lesbian, I was so not in the mood for this. I asked him what difference did it make to him? How is it any skin off your nose? “I shouldn’t have to be subjected to it.” Oh brother. I stopped answering Mr. Bible Thumper’s calls after that….

3. This was probably my thirtieth or so date when I started computer dating in my late fifties because I had decided I didn’t want to live alone anymore. This guy, who was certainly presentable, and had seemed literate and sane in our email conversations, spent the first thirty minutes of our coffee date describing his medical problems in details (all I remember, mercifully, at this point is that he had had at least two heart bypasses). He told me all his numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. On and on and on. Finally, he seemed to remember that he’s supposed to show an interest in the other person, so he brightly asked: “And what about you? What are YOUR health problems?”

4. He wore slippers…enough said.

Your turn! Come on, share!

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  1. Michele Cauch, SageHealth Network on April 18, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Hi Joan,
    Bad dates have no age limit. These stories are useful to teach singles (of any age) what NOT to do on a first date. The guidelines for first date behaviours and practices are very simple and fixed. The top ones being don't embarrass yourself, don't offend others, look nice and smell good.

    Thanks for your review.I will run and get this book!

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