Age 69+ wanted to discuss sexuality in documentary film

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by TV documentary film makers Lauren Buongiovanni Hunt, Linda Duvoisin, and their crew about my older-age sexuality views, experiences, and attitudes.

It was a fabulous experience! The film project, titled “69 and Up! Sex and Intimacy in the Golden Years,” is intended to reveal the sexual wants and desires of people age 69 and over, presenting us positively and joyfully.

Would you like to be involved? Here is the call for volunteer participants from Lauren, both written and via video, explaining what she and Linda are looking for. Again, the experience was totally positive for me — respectful, fun, absolutely non-sleazy. I hope you’ll want to participate, too.

From Lauren Buongiovanni Hunt:

 I’m making a documentary film that explores sexuality, intimacy and older adulthood. I have a belief that my desires and drive for intimacy and sex will remain present throughout my lifetime While they may change (and/or even grow!), they will remain present and intact as I grow older. It seems to me that as the generation of the ‘sexual revolution’ enters older adulthood our culture needs to undergo an attitudinal revolution about how we view older people and their sexuality. After all, more and more of us will grow to live in older adulthood. Yet, one does not need to look very far to see how our society values youth and eschews the possibilities of the beauty of sensuality in older adults.

 The film, 69 and Up! Sex and Intimacy in the Golden Years, will interview sex experts, doctors, sociological professionals as well as older adults who are beautiful examples of what the possibilities can be. The purpose of the film is to portray that the science and the practice demonstrates that sexuality and intimacy in the latter part of life is alive and well.

 I am seeking volunteers who are willing to share their story – straight, gay, married, dating, widowed, etc. – as long as you are willing to be open for the purpose of sharing your experiences for the purpose of illuminating the challenges, successes and joys of sex and intimacy in older adulthood. I am seeking both men and women.
Email me at for more information and/or questions about volunteering.


  1. Carlos, 28 on May 23, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    "It seems to me that as the generation of the ‘sexual revolution’ enters older adulthood our culture needs to undergo an attitudinal revolution about how we view older people and their sexuality."

    I hope this documentary does this tastefully. The "sexual revolution' generation has a bad (and perhaps ill-gotten) reputation of being selfish and spoiled. When they do get sex and relationships it could just feed into the stereotype that they want their cake and eat it too as their generation's sexual revolution continues and the rest of us "need" to accept them.

    What attitudes should we actually shift? Who is "we" exactly? Is this aimed for seniors mostly? Are that age group's views somehow different?

    I ask these questions as a much younger man than 69 (nice double entendre by the way :)), as most of the younger generations are accepting about other people's sexual habits. I can only think of the "eww" factor but I don't think that is THAT big a hindrance to people's relationships regardless of age difference.

    I'd also like to see how they approach this from an emotional perspective as well like, say, the fact that they can no longer have children through regular means. These are people and I hope the documentary comes across as less clinical but not too emotionally overbearing.

    I am looking forward to this.

    Keep up the good work with the blog Joan,
    Carlos (formerly 8/20 Anon)

  2. Joe Thomas on May 23, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    I've never thought of what could it be… But I think you got what you want, at any age.

  3. Dan, 65 on May 23, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Yes, we guys can climb Mt. Everest at age 80…

    …but can we make love successfully to our woman?

    That's a mountain more meaningful to me. Thanks to all brave 69+ folk willing to be interviewed.

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