What Don’t Older Men/Women Understand about Pleasing Each Other?

I received this email from Jeane, who doesn’t feel that men understand older women’s sexual needs. I’ve had similar complaints from men about women.

I have found through an eternity, that the only good sex partner I ever had was my first husband. None could beat him. And that meant going through husband number two as well who didn’t know much. And during those years of my divorce, and was single, I have been with a few. I have found what men don’t know about pleasing women could fill an encyclopedia that would wind around the earth’s circumference.

The Big Bravado they show from teen-aged boys through the ages is just that…Big Bravado. They haven’t got a clue to a woman’s sexually and what really “gets her going.” No wonder women have given up and use dildos and other prosthetic objects to obtain some satisfaction. I’m at the “ho-hum” stage…live with it or without
it…and of course, there’s always a dildo. Just sick of it all… Over-exposed and repressed all at the same time.

As for pleasing women, older women need MORE TIME being aroused. Problem is, with time, most men require less or else they “lose it.” There are sex shops now that will accommodate needs for both.I found out about them because I had “brachytherapy” treatments in the spring of 2005 after a hysterectomy and have to use “something” once a week to keep myself “open” or I can close up from scar tissue from these radiation treatments. Therefore, I can tell you that I got rid of modesty when my physical well being was involved and went to one of these shops.

You have my permission to use all this material. Maybe someone else out there went through something similar.

I know that Jeane’s email may seem anti-men, and I hope you realize that this blog is absolutely pro-men as well as pro-women. I encourage you to express yourself, and by communicating candidly, perhaps we can begin to erase (or at least smudge) the lines that divide us.

Let’s open up a dialogue about what we’d like the other gender to understand about pleasing us. Please add to the discussion by posting a comment or by emailing me, and I’ll post it for you.

— Joan

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