LELO Mona: Elegant Instrument of Pleasure!

LELO sex toys are beautifully made, both functional and artistic in design, and absolutely made for pleasure. The LELO Mona  is curvy, sleek and sexy, and practically silent. Thank you, Tabu Toys, provider of sex toys, for sending me the beautiful and elegant LELO Mona for review.

The Mona can be used as either a clitoral vibrator or a G-spot seeking insertable vibrator. For clitoral stimulation, either touch the tip to your sweet spot, or position the whole curve over your vulva–the vibrations seem to make the whole vulva sing, with of course a special focus on the clitoris. I didn’t find the vibrations quite strong enough to take me to the finish line this way, but I enjoyed it as a most pleasurable warmup.
The Mona shines — or should I say glows? — as an insertable vibrator. It has an unusual shape: a tapered tip that bulges to about 1.5″ in diameter, then thins considerably. Besides being pretty, that shape let’s you insert it, then let go and use it hands-free (or practically — you may need to touch it lightly to keep it from turning). Once inserted, it’s not likely to pop out at inopportune moments. If you prefer thrusting, the shape gives surprising sensations–its curvy bits are not at all penile, which you might like or not. It feels really good, just not like a penis, if that’s your shape of choice.
It’s rechargeable, which means you plug it in for a while to charge the toy, then it will go unassisted for hours. No cords or batteries to fuss with while you’re concentrating on your sensations. 
For those of us older folks with arthritis, the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold comfortably, no gripping, no weird angles. The only problem is that it’s easy to accidentally press a control button, changing mode or intensity.
The Mona is a mid-sized vibrator, larger than my favorite LELO toy, the Gigi. Here they are side by side for comparison.

Yes, the Mona is expensive. It’s a luxury toy: beautifully designed, easy to hold and a pleasure to use, made of medical-grade materials, velvety smooth, quiet, with six modes of stimulation and a variety of intensities. If you can afford to give yourself a special gift of pleasure, go fot it. Or direct a generous friend to this review!


  1. Joan Price on June 13, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Yes, Sue — Eros Therapy (http://eros-therapy.com). It's expensive and available by prescription only, but it's a true medical device, not a toy, and it works really well. I discussed it in Better Than I Ever Expected. I was able to get a review product, but still had to have a prescription from my doctor.

    Did you tell Good Vibes that your toy broke after one use? They stand behind their products.

  2. Sue Katz on June 13, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Joan, Here's a question for you. Have you reviewed/found a reliable clit suction toy? We bought one at Good Vibrations. It was amazing – once. And then it broke – wouldn't work again. Your suggestions, if you have any, would be most welcome.

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