Sex with 92-yr-old man

A 30-something blogger/swinger/ sex worker who calls herself and her blog The Beautiful Kind (“TBK”) posted a two-part story of her sexual adventure with Leonard, a 92-year-old man who hadn’t had sex in 30 years: Robbing the Graveyard and Robbing the Graveyard Update. At first I worried, because of her post titles, that she was making fun of Leonard, but she writes with respect, concern, and kindness.

I won’t give away the ending to this true story, except to say that it’s sad and disturbing. Read the two entries in order. I encourage you to discuss them here once you’ve read it.

Caveat: TBK’s blog lives on the wild and raunchy side, as does TBK herself, so visit with caution if you’re not accustomed to blogs that are more explicitly sexual than this one. If this caveat makes you laugh rather than wince, go for it!