“Track the Tingle.”

For quicker, easier, and more satisfying arousal, figure out what time of day you feel most sexually responsive. Pay attention to how sexy you feel on waking, after coffee, or once you’ve gotten up and moved around a bit, or right after exercising or showering.

You probably won’t feel aroused after a meal, when the blood flow is going to your digestive system, but you may feel sexy right before that meal. Medications or medical conditions may affect your responsiveness at different times of the day.

When you feel the “tingle” – that quiver of erotic possibility — set aside time to indulge yourself sexually. If that’s not possible—you’re at work, for example—use your knowledge of your erotic clock to schedule alone time on your next free day.

How will you use this “Track the Tingle” tip to enhance your own sexual responsiveness? Remember that this applies to solo sex as well as partnered!