Seasoned Women Spicy in New York Times

The Weekend Arts section of the New York Times, 1/13/06, featured a cover story titled “Post-Salad-Days Women Agree: They Want ‘What She’s Having'” by Dinitia Smith about books and movies that “echo the message that seasoned women can be sexually spicy.”

Better Than I Ever Expected was quoted twice:

Also arriving this month, from Seal Press, will be “Better Than I Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty,” by Joan Price, who spices the book up with her own experiences. (“I rub moisturizing lotion gently into Robert’s skin,” she writes. “I love seeing him standing naked before me.”)
By and large, the books carry an optimistic message — that despite age, menopause and wrinkles, women can continue to enjoy sex. “We are having hot, fabulous sex after sixty,” Ms. Price writes. “Society’s vew of aging women as sexless is wrong, wrong, wrong.” Her book includes advice on fitness and remedies for those who can’t achieve orgasm.

The article discusses Gail Sheehy’s Sex and the Seasoned Woman at length, references movies like “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Under the Sand,” and quotes Jane Juska (author of A Round-Heeled Woman and the upcoming Unaccompanied Women: Late-Life Adventures in Love, Sex and Real Estate), historian Linda Gordon, and NYU professor of psychiatry Leonore Tiefer. I’m happy to be in such company in this well-written, provocative article.


  1. Lou Paget on January 18, 2006 at 7:43 pm

    Congratulations on the New York Times mention. What a powerful acknowledgement of your gift of sharing and describing women’s intimate lives.

    You will give MANY the gift of anticipation of this part of their sexuality, both women and men. A truly expressed, fun and honest sexuality is something they hoped for and now is a reality.

    This is just the beginning of a ground swell of women realizing that “loss of desire” isn’t age-associated, it is relationship, lifestyle and attitude associated. God knows the majority of women seeking medicalized treatment for loss/lack of desire would best be treated by a lifestyle change than a med. It is rather difficult to turn on and access your feelings when you are slammed between demanding children whatever age, jobs, aging parents with health issues, and so on.

    — Lou Paget,, author of Great Lover Playbook (a couples book), How To Be a Great Lover and How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure.

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