Man, 300 pounds: Should I purchase a penis extender?

Mason, age 67, is 6 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. His new wife is 4 ft.9 inches tall and weighs only 101 pounds. “I think you can picture the problem,” Mason writes.

I have a LOT of belly fat all the way down to my penis area. When I was young I had about a 6 inch penis and weighed 200 and was able to please my wife in many ways. I have about 3 inches that is not covered by fat now but my belly keeps it from protruding long enough without hurting my wife.

When I make love I cannot be on top as I press too hard on her as well as the fat makes penetration not good at all. When she is on top, because of my fat she is having to hold on to my arms and it is like she is almost upside down trying to have sex.

She is a wonderful woman and does not complain but I know she is not enjoying sex the way she should and wants. She does have a climax but it is hard on her.

What I have in mind is purchasing a 3 inch penis extender that looks like a real penis and adding that to my penis to at least give me more length so I can penetrate without having to be on top of her.

Are you familiar with these extenders and do they work? Would they be hard to put on and will they stay on with the excitement of sex? I do not mind spending $40.00 for such a thing but do not wish to throw money away if they do not work.

Mason, have you asked your wife about this? Is this something she thinks she would enjoy? I don’t suggest surprising her with a penis extender without discussing it with her. How about trying these options first:

1. Bring her to orgasm manually or orally, with or without the assistance of a vibrator, before you have intercourse. Then intercourse can be of shorter duration and not so taxing on her.

2. If she likes penetration but has difficulty with intercourse, incorporate a dildo into your love play before or instead of intercourse.

3. Have her try being on top facing backwards during intercourse, her hands braced on your legs. Try elevating your hips, making your belly fat will fall away from her. (Set up mirrors if you like to watch each other’s faces.)

4. Consult your physician about what you can do to manage your weight. I’m not saying you could get back to your youthful weight of 200 pounds, but wouldn’t it enhance your sex life as well as your health if you could shed, say, 50 pounds?

5. Most important, ask your wife what would make her happy. Show her these suggestions and a picture of the penis extender you’re considering, if you think this would appeal to her. Have a loving discussion.

I hope these suggestions help. Would you let me know? I wish you and your wife much joy together.

— Joan

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