Kissing Scars by Tch

Note from Joan: “Tch,” who is in his early 80s, sent me this with permission to share it with you. I love his attitude, his ability to adapt, and his dedication to sexual pleasure for his partner(s) as well as himself. May we all grow old with this zest and wisdom!


I’m old. Over the last few years that has become more and more obvious to me.

I don’t regret getting old. I’ve had a really good time getting here.

And life is still good.

If you are old like me, you have likely noticed the signs. Scars on both knees filled with titanium, a missing molar, thinner skin, sags. I told my urologist the other day that my penis seemed a little blotchy. He smiled and ran his hand down my leg and said, “Looks a lot like the rest of your skin.”

My reason for seeing him was to check on my penile implant which makes my blotchy penis do what it used to do on its own. Another scar where the implant was inserted. I fondly remember the days when “waiting” to cum used to take a Herculean effort. Now, the reverse is true.


Let me tell you a little about scars.

They are the price we pay for the experiences of life, good and bad. I don’t begrudge for a minute the titanium knees. The original set carried me faithfully through many a tennis match, hikes into the wilderness, scuba in the depths, farming, building, carrying grandchildren, life.

I have noticed that some my age try to hide their scars and other non-youthful signs. “Cover up” is often the motto of the day. And so, many older people miss out on the beauty of getting older.


I am so much better at pleasing a woman at my age than I ever was as a young or middle-aged man.

What used to be a 15-minute rush (exaggerating a bit on the high side) is now a lovely hour or more with time to spend on all those places that used to be missed in the urgency.

My wife and I are swingers. We are in our early eighties. We have really good sex with each other and with other couples when we and they choose. Younger people might imagine that we can’t possibly be as enthusiastic about sex as they are. They should be excused for their inexperience.


What some of us older folks know

Scars got us where we are. They are not repulsive, but endearing. Scars of childbirth and life saving surgeries, reconstructed breasts, blotchy skin, and too many pounds all come with age. They can all be the path to intimacy beyond what youth can know. Kissing a scar can lead to trust and understanding that only the old can fully appreciate.

Please allow yourself the recognition that great sex, at any age, is about sharing, touching, giving, honoring, and loving. When you share those with your partner, scars and imperfections are paths to sexual intimacy.



  1. Mac Marshall on March 29, 2023 at 4:06 pm

    Kissing my partner’s scars today we laughingly decided that we must be “scar kissed lovers.”

  2. Dave 84 on March 18, 2023 at 4:35 am

    WOW ! What a lovely synopsis of what can be if you really want it. I’m sure it hasn’t been a bed of roses all the time for ” Tch ” and his primary partner but what a wonderful outlook.
    Except for the ‘ swingers ‘ part, it describes exactly what my wife of 62 years and I enjoy. Warts……pimples……wrinkles and all !
    “Thank You God, for one more time “

  3. Mac Marshall on March 17, 2023 at 9:57 pm

    I know some special meaningful scars I want to kiss after reading this lovely account. It captures many of the exultant feelings I enjoy in what my partner and I call “old people sex.” Our “old people sex” always includes laughter and lots of cuddling, too. I see these as important ingredients that come with age and experience.

  4. Linda on March 17, 2023 at 7:16 pm

    I’ve learned much from the author of this piece, a man almost 20 years older than me. He and his wife are lovely people. My partner and I are very happy that I met them.

  5. Donna on March 17, 2023 at 6:47 pm

    How lovely to read this story. An inspiration to us all. If you enjoy sex keep on enjoying it as long as you can. I know I’m enjoying the much more intimate encounters I’m having in my 60’s. Slow & steady wins every time.

  6. Carol on March 17, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    That was wonderful to read his perspective. May he and his wife have lots more good satisfying sex ahead of them.

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