Pulse Solo Essential Dragon Eye review by Shamus MacDuff

The Pulse by Hot Octopuss is the trailblazer for top quality penis vibrators that can be used with or without an erection.

Its central “cradle” is cleverly designed to enwrap and arouse your penis. The strategically located, coin-shaped oscillating plate moves through various speeds and patterns to stimulate your frenulum, the most sensitive part of your penis. This excites nerves and brings you to a delightful orgasm. Pulse works with even the most flaccid penis.


Now there’s a new model: the shimmering blue Pulse Solo Essential Dragon Eye. It’s gorgeous to look at, and even better to experience!


Hot Octopuss pioneered penis vibrators with the original Pulse 10 years ago. Over the past decade they’ve added new models and refinements to their original “guybrator,” such as the Pulse Solo Lux and Pocket Pulse (no longer available, sorry), which I reviewed. Now, celebrating 10 years and over 2 million sold, they’ve introduced the beautiful blue Pulse Solo Essential Dragon Eye to their stable. All Pulses are fully waterproof, made of medically safe silicone, and can be enjoyed with or without lube (use water-based only).


The word essential in the name of this new Pulse model is especially relevant for us senior penis owners. The Dragon Eye has all the essentials to produce penis pleasure regardless of whether you can obtain or sustain an erection. You don’t need to have an erection to reach orgasm using this beauty. Yes, a flaccid penis is capable of orgasm. The Pulse Solo Essential is the right tool for your tool!


Controls are easy: a button on one side turns it on and off and cycles through patterns. The “+” and “-” buttons on the other side control the speed and intensity. A charger is included. And it’s waterproof!


I use my Dragon Eye primarily to masturbate solo. Slowly revving it up to top speed brings me to an erection. I then have fun alternating among the toy’s five patterns, and practicing edging for a while, before finally ejaculating. As a recent experiment, my partner manipulated the toy on my lubed member while I reclined in mounting ecstasy. Although Dragon Eye isn’t specifically designed for partner play, this caper produced a wonderful orgasm. My partner said she found my pleasure both delightful and arousing!


The symbol of a Dragon Eye is unusual and has several possible referents. The one that appears most appropriate as a name for this sexual pleasure enhancer is its spiritual meaning: the balance of love, power and wisdom. You’ll be wise to purchase a Dragon Eye Pulse Solo Essential, and you’re sure to love the power it gives you!


The Dragon Eye is a limited edition, so buy yours now while it’s available! Thank you, Hot Octopuss, for sending me the Dragon Eye in return for an honest review.


Shamus MacDuff, age 80, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys for penises until about 6 years ago. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts at https://joanprice.com/tag/shamus-macduff.





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