Senior Planet monthly Q&A

Are you aware that I answer sex questions from readers over 60 in my monthly “Sex at Our Age” column at Senior Planet? I’ve been doing this since 2014, so I’ve answered a ton of questions. Often people email me with questions and topics that I’ve answered in this column. Here are some topics I covered recently that might interest you:

  • Painful sex, insensitive husband: “…Even when I try, I cannot tolerate the pain of intercourse. My husband knows this, but he wants me to do it anyway. He wants me to endure the pain long enough for him to have an orgasm.”
  • ED a deal-breaker? “…Because of this limitation, I have avoided pursuit of another relationship…I do not know how I would deal with the shame and awkwardness of revealing my lack of erections to someone special….”
  • No orgasms with partner: “…I find it strange that I can’t reach orgasm when my partner and I have sex, as my husband and I had no problems ever… I climax very easily in about two minutes when I masturbate.”
  • Quickies: a “lightning round” of five short questions and my short answers.

If you have thoughts or reactions to any of my columns, I hope you’ll post a comment there. That lets Senior Planet know that my column is valuable to its over-60 audience and that we do want to talk about sex.

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