Talk to Your Doctor about Sex

Have you learned my “Medical Mantra” for getting help from your doctor about your sexual challenges? So many of us avoid talking to our medical professionals when we have sexual concerns because we think that whatever is interfering with our sexual pleasure or function is just a normal sign of aging, or we assume that our doctor can’t help us. In truth, our issue may be the sign of an undiagnosed medical condition, a side effect of a medication, or a problem that has a solution or work-around.

In all my workshops and webinars, I teach this empowering Medical Mantra for talking to your doctor (repeat after me):

Doctor, my sexuality is important to me. Here’s what’s interfering with my sexual pleasure. Let’s run the tests and find out what’s going on. And if you’re not the right person to help me, please refer me to someone who is.

I presented a university lecture on May 9 to about 100 international students at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands. I spoke about senior sex and what these “seniors in training” can start doing now to age with sexy zest over the decades ahead. A special moment was teaching them the medical mantra in English, then asking them to repeat it in their own language. They laughed as they shouted it out in Dutch, German, French, and at least one African language. You can view the video and repeat the medical mantra yourself here.