Best Valentine’s Gift – Cost: $0; Value: Immeasurable

If you’re lucky enough to have a loved one with you today, here’s the best Valentine’s Gift you can give: Write him or her a love letter. Describe the reasons you love this person, recall some special memories. Your loved one will treasure your letter always.

In May 2008, Robert and I were approaching our second wedding anniversary. (We were together 7 years, but married only 2.). We knew it would be the last we would spend together because of the progression of his cancer.

He asked, “What can I give you for our anniversary?”

“A love letter,” I told him.

He did, and it’s one of my most treasured gifts. I’ve read it over and over, and I’m reading it again today on Valentine’s Day. 

My vision blurs from the tears, but although I’m crying, I’m so happy that I have this beautiful, final message from my beloved.

(Please write yours today.) 


  1. Onely on February 25, 2012 at 7:09 am

    This is a great idea. I would like to expand it to writing letters to all sorts of people who are important in our lives. In this day and age it's all too easy to just shoot off a quick email, though. = )

  2. pharmacy finder on February 18, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Aww.. That's very sweet and heartwarming. Last week I saw on TV a couple who wrote each other almost everyday until they finally got married. They were able to keep all the letters, and now that they are old they still go back to the thoughtful memories of their old love letters.

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