Sexy Seniors’ Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Searching for a sexy gift for your lover or yourself?

2014 has been a great year for innovative sex toys! Here are my favorites from December 2013 to December 2014:

Palm Power: New favorite vibrator! Drum roll, please: Introducing the Palm Power, a lightweight, ergonomically designed product that packs so much power into a small, silicone topped vibrator that it jumped to #1 on my personal Hit Parade the first time I used it. And the second time. And… you get the picture. I continue to be amazed at how a vibrator this small can deliver such intense vibrations. With the different caps available, this vibrator is versatile for any gender body.

Doxy – a power tool: Oh my. I wouldn’t have imagined that a vibrator this strong existed. I don’t even need to take it to the highest power setting to send me spinning into space. Even the low settings are strong and they’re rumbly rather than buzzy. A really strong wand vibrator. If you or your loved one needs extra power, Doxy delivers.

Men, you’ll love the Pulse! Presenting… The Pulse, a pulsing, oscillating, amazing vibrator for men that does not require an erection for his pleasure! That’s right — unlike other vibrating “sleeves,” the penis does not have to be hard to start enjoying it. Spread open the flexible flaps, rest your penis in it, turn it on, and enjoy the sensations. The Pulse is the perfect gift for the penis in your life.

Iroha: Cutest Vibrators Ever. The Iroha Rechargeable Silicone Vibrators, available in three styles and shapes, are adorable and cushy. I want to cuddle and squeeze them. And yes, they’re dynamic little vibrators — though not turbo power. The vibrator has a cushy layer, covered by a body-safe silicone skin. It’s not soft through and through (there’s a motor in there) — just a layer — so you can press firmly and feel just a little cushioning, or press lightly, and it all feels soft. Delightful.

Minna Limon: Cute, Squeezable VibratorI like my new Minna Limon so much that I’m starting to think of it almost as a pet rather than a product. It’s cute, touchable, squeezable, fun to play with, and responsive. But no, it’s not a pet — it’s a vibrator, and it’s a delight. This is a great gift for a loved one, a pal, or yourself. It works like this: Power it on with the button, then squeeze the sides of the Limon. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the intensity, though it never gets super strong. 
Original Magic Wand + Accessories. The Magic Wand has been around since the 1970s, almost as long as I’ve been having vibrator-assisted orgasms, and it’s been responsible for a good many of them. It was called the Hitachi Magic Wand until recently. (I reviewed it here.) Now, after Hitachi sold distribution rights to Vibratex, it’s the Original Magic Wand. So the new Magic Wand is called the “original,” and it’s as strong as ever — and much less pricey than most quality sex toys.
Buy nowIf you’d like to give a sex-themed gift that isn’t a vibrator, consider 
ÜberlubeNeed a stocking stuffer? 
  • An elegant bottle or refillable case of Überlube, a superbly comfortable, slick, long-lasting, silicone lubricant. (Fine with condoms, not with silicone sex toys.) You can even use it to style your hair or eliminate chafing during sports.
  • Condom sampler from Lucky Bloke: great variety, including some brands you’ve never heard of. And don’t you want to do business with a company whose motto is “Have more sex and save the world”?
  • Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant or Warm Sensation Lubricant, pH balanced for female bodies. (Fine with condoms and with silicone sex toys.) If she likes arousal gels, the Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel is, as it claims, pure pleasure, adding an extra tingle!
Blossom Organics


  1. JoEllen on December 9, 2014 at 5:52 am

    I love the Doxy wand so much and have an eye on the Palm Power for the new year! Great list, Joan!

  2. Gilbert Mansergh on December 8, 2014 at 2:38 am

    Karen (your friend the quilter), wants you to know she likes the quilt in the backgrounds. She is on a mission to have comfy, handmade quilts take their rightful place among the best personal care products ever invented. Perfect for cuddling, foreplay, plateaus and afterglow. (P.S. Quilts are nice on cold evenings too!)

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