Sybian Update: New Silicone Attachments!

sybian attachmentsSybian goes silicone! The wonderful folks at Sybian have been tirelessly working on how they can increase our pleasure and our orgasms, and use body-safe, easy-to-clean silicone. They’ve just created two beautiful silicone attachments that are rocking my world.If you’re saying, “What’s a Sybian?” please read my original review first. Then return here to learn what’s new.

The Orb:

If your preference is vibration to your clitoris and vulva without penetration, the unique design of the Orb is my dream vibrator. It consists of an orb (hence the name) at the top of a ramp-like structure, and all of it vibrates powerfully.

This is perfect for those of us who like stimulation to a large area  — not just the clitoral glans, but the whole vulva. It can be used in several ways, depending on how you position yourself and it:

1. You can press the ramp part against your labia with the orb at your clitoris.

2. Turning the Sybian around, you can press the orb against your vaginal opening and the ramp slides over your labia and clitoris. You may find it challenging to get into position if you’re straddling the Sybian for this position — see the alternative “Recline and Tilt” described below.

3. If you just want the orb against your clitoris, you can turn it around so that the ramp doesn’t contact anything — you just feel the orb part.

Experiment — there’s no way to use it “wrong.”

The G-Wave

sybian attachments - the g-waveIf you like penetration and you prefer a slender width, the G-Wave stimulates your G-spot with a smooth bulb that’s only 1.27″ in diameter, atop a stem that’s even more slender: 1.1″ in diameter. Sybian really listened to me when I told them that many of us in our later years prefer — even require — a slender toy for penetration.

Because the penetrating part rotates rather than thrusts, it can feel much fuller than the measurements indicate, depending on how high you dial the rotation. Slick the G-Wave with lubricant, and it inserts smoothly and gently or strongly (your choice) rotates in your vagina, stimulating your G-spot. It doesn’t feel like a penis — it feels more like a lover inserting a couple of well-placed fingers and moving them around. Delicious.

The “wave” part (see the wavy lines?) rests against your labia and clitoris and vibrates you to paradise. I like the width of the wave section — it vibrates against your whole vulva. The vibration control is separate from the rotation, so you can dial it to vibrate to any intensity from light to rumbly strong to I-can’t-believe-I’m-experiencing-this — you’ll decide what your limit is.

Suggestion: Start with a low vibration and no rotation. As you become aroused, dial up the vibration a little at a time, and add the rotation if you like it.

Recline and Tilt position:

If you look up other reviews of the Sybian, especially the videos on YouTube, you’ll think that the only way to use this phenomenal sex machine is by mounting it. You can do that — either on your knees (yeah, like we can get on these old knees at our age?) or with the Sybian on a platform and your feet on the floor. However, there’s a much easier and more comfortable way to use it.  I’ve nicknamed it “Recline and Tilt.”

As I suggested in my earlier review of the Sybian:

If straddling is uncomfortable for your hips, or if you can’t relax that way, you can lie down on your bed with the Sybian between your legs on its power-cord end. Then tilt it forward so that the attachment contacts your genitals without putting weight on you. It’s fine to use it this way — it won’t harm the Sybian or you.

Once I discovered how well that position works, I never went back to mounting my Sybian. Both of these new attachments are particularly fabulous if you’re reclining, relaxed, and tilting the Sybian  onto you or into you.

If you already own a Sybian, these attachments will add tremendously to your pleasure. If you don’t already own a Sybian, Bunny Lampert, daughter of the inventor, is offering my readers a $75 discount with the code “JOAN75“! 

Order the Orb, the G-Wave, or both attachments here. Learn more about the Sybian here.

sybian attachmentsBonus: These silicone attachments also come with pretty, satin storage bags.

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