Womanizer W500: Outstanding Clitoral Suction Vibrator!

2/12/22: This Womanizer model is no longer available. Please check out LoveHoney’s current array of Womanizers. I deleted the dead links but didn’t delete the review because, hey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

How could this happen? A sex toy that gives fast orgasms to this aging woman? As if I didn’t love the earlier version of the Womanizer enough, the new Womanizer W500, available from the lovely folks at LoveHoney.comis better. It’s exceptional.

Why do I love the Womanizer W500 so much? It’s the suction. It doesn’t just vibrate (though it does do that) — it gently pulls on the clitoris, bringing blood flow, engorgement, and increased sensation. It’s not “sucking” like a vacuum — it’s subtle, but oh so effective and pleasurable.

If you read my review of the original Womanizer, you may remember that the clitoral suction made my world rock and roll, but I had to keep my eyes closed to keep from being distracted by the tacky design. This new version is better than the original for all these reasons:

1. It’s stronger, with 8 speeds (instead of 5). Even this power queen didn’t need to turn it up to the highest intensity, and I almost never say that.
2. There are two sizes of clitoral cup to envelope clitorises of different sizes and varied states of protrusion or retraction.
3. It’s much more attractive! No more garish, girly ear thermometer — now it has a subtler, more appealing design.
4. It’s 5 inches long instead of 6.5, a little wider, and the controls are on the back instead of the front, so an errant thumb won’t accidentally turn it off. Dangerous Lilly, a sex toy reviewer whom I enjoy reading, said it was harder to use with the controls on the back, but I’d rather turn it on first and not risk the buzz kill of accidentally hitting the power button during use.
controls on back


5. It comes with a classy, black satin storage bag instead of a bright, bubblegum pink case.
Both models come with two detachable silicone cups and a USB charger. Use a small amount of water-based lubricant to create a seal.
If you’re close to my age (72), you’re probably challenged by decreased blood flow to the genitals, making arousal and orgasm a slower and sometimes more difficult process. But this gentle suction pulls the blood into the clitoris and makes arousal and orgasm happen. It just does.
Here are a couple of ways you can enjoy the Womanizer:
* For solo sex, especially if you want a quickie, the Womanizer gets you there faster than most vibrators.
* For partner sex, make the Womanizer part of the arousal warm-up. Then once your clitoris is engorged and you feel ready, you’ll find it easier to reach orgasm in any way you play.
“But is it good enough to warrant the $230 price tag?” you ask. I know: ouch. But I really do think it’s worth it. I think you’ll love it as much as I do.*
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

FYI, yes, I dislike the name “Womanizer.” So I renamed mine Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Thank you, LoveHoney.com, for arranging for me to test the Womanizer W500.



  1. Anonymous on December 31, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Bought this…for my wife. Amazing. This is the first vibrator I know of that offers a guarantee of a full refund if a woman uses this for a month and does not have an orgasm. We tried a vulva pump and it works but is cumbersome. This is handy just like a standard vibrator and yet brings increased blood flow to the clit. Nice.
    -Dan M69

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