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Notes from the Penile Colony: Guy Talk about Vibrators by Shamus MacDuff

Note from Joan: Shamus MacDuff is the pseudonym of a 75-year-old retired university professor and author. Other than his name, he promises that everything he says about himself is true. His first guest post, “Great Sex Without Penetration: A Man’s View,” attracted so many readers and such positive response that when he offers additional posts,…

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2018-2019 Favorite Sex Toys for Seniors

Sex Toys for Seniors

In May 2017, I presented a lively 90-minute webinar, Sex Toys for Seniors, which includes a show-and-tell of about 20 favorite vibrators and other sex toys. I introduced you to the Magic Wand, the Eroscillator, and many well-known and lesser-known (but fabulous!) orgasm-inducers. Viewing rights to the recording are still available (email me!), and I…

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Senior Sex

Senior Sex Tips from Joan Price Here are some senior sex tips that you can put into action immediately to enhance your sexual pleasure now and through the decades ahead. These tips appeared in Joan’s monthly newsletter. Subscribe now for more helpful tips, news, and other conversations about senior sex delivered to your inbox. Senior…

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Review of JETT from Hot Octopuss


Review of JETT from Hot Octopuss by Shamus MacDuff  “Gentlemen, start your engines!” begins the famous Indianapolis 500 automobile race. With the JETT, the wonderful new sex toy for penises from Hot Octopuss, you can start your own engine, and really rev it up. JETT’s dual engines are vibrating silver bullets powered by four AA…

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