#14 of Top Sex Bloggers 2011!

 I’m proud to be #14 of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2011, as judged by smart, sassy, sexy Rori, the sex blogger of Between My Sheets, after nominations by the huge sex blogger/sex reader community.

Everyone who blogs about sex hopes to be on this annual list, and I’m proud that this is the third year in a row that this blog has made the cut — in fact it’s been in the top 21 each time.

Of course I find the honor rewarding personally (woo hoo — people read my blog and like it!), but even more, I am gratified that our topic is compelling enough to receive this high ranking among the many hundreds of sex blogs out there.

As far as I know — and I still have to finish reading all the other award winners — this is the only blog that focuses specifically on senior/elder sex, and one of the few in the top 100 that aims to be informative rather than erotic or titillating. Most of the award winners are in-your-face, down-and-dirty, sexually graphic in both writing and photos. That’s cool, they’re fun to read, and I’m not putting them down at all — but my aim here is quite different.

I want this blog to be a resource for senior sex-themed information and viewpoints and a place to go when you want to read about senior sex. I want seniors and elders who grew up when I did to feel comfortable here. I see sexuality as a fascinating subject, even more at this age because it’s so often kept under the covers. I want to normalize talking out loud about senior sex, and in a respectful, informative manner.

Not everyone likes my style. One year, a reader complained that my blog wasn’t “actual sex” and my credibility as a sex blogger was in question because I didn’t describe my own sex acts with partners, if indeed I had any. OK, move on, then.

I’m so happy that Rori and all of you who nominated this blog find it worthy of inclusion in the Top 100,and I thank all of you who read it. I love getting comments, so feel free to post (include your age, if you don’t mind).

Enjoy the Top 100 — but watch out, most of these blogs are not safe for reading at work (unless your work has a sex focus) or around the grandkids!

The Clitoris, Revealed

“It’s practically a little penis under that hood,” a 50-something-year-old writer who calls herself “jujuridl” describes the clitoris in “Female Anatomy 101,” an informative blog post on MiddlesexMD. Take a look at this diagram of the complete structure of the clitoris, showing what goes on under the hood, literally.

Those of us in touch with our clitoris — literally and figuratively — know that the sensation isn’t just in the little nub that’s visible (the glans) — the whole surrounding area is sensitive and sensational. That’s because the clitoris and its thousands of nerve endings extend far and wide beneath the surface.

The clitoris is the only part of the human body that has no function other than giving pleasure. Women who have lost sensitivity due to aging and hormonal changes might experiment with self-touch, partner-touch, and/or vibrator-touch using pressure all around the visible part of the clitoris, not just directly on the glans. As you see from the diagram, there’s quite an area to explore!

 MiddlesexMD was created by for women over 40 by Dr. Barb DePree, M.D., a women’s health provider and a menopause care specialist. Many of us are significantly over 40 and way past menopause, but DePree’s information is plenty relevant to us — and to those who love us.

In fact, is there someone in your life who might understand better how to touch you by seeing this blog post?

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2009

I just discovered that I’ve been chosen one of the top 100 sex bloggers by Between My Sheets and 13 other judges! I’m ranked number 21, pretty amazing when just a few years ago, nobody talked about senior/elder sex! See all 100 here, and be sure to visit the sites of the judges, too.

I’m about to turn 66 (tomorrow), and I’ll bet I’m the oldest sex blogger on the list, as well as, perhaps, the only one who uses her/his real name!

It’s funny, in a way, how these things work out. During my first year after Robert’s death, a time of extreme grieving, I couldn’t focus well enough to work on anything that demanded more than an hour of concentration at a time.

I was still interested in helping the readers who wrote me with questions (we help ourselves by helping others, I firmly believe), so my blog was the perfect outlet. It gained momentum as you, its readers, recognized its value. I put more time and energy into my blog in 2009 than its first four years combined. I consider my #21 ranking among the Top 100 Sex Bloggers an honor!

Thank you, Between My Sheets, judges, and readers!

Best blogs/websites about sex and aging: your nominations

I’m honored and delighted whenever I discover that another blog or website has selected this one for its “best of…” list. It occurred to me that I’d serve you well if I started a “best of blogs about sex and aging” list myself.

I’m opening this to you: What other blogs about sex and aging do you read regularly, and what do you like about them?

I read plenty of blogs about sexuality that are aging-friendly — and blogs about aging that are sexuality-friendly. Those are wonderful, but not what I’m looking for with this call for recommendations. I’m gathering nominations for best blogs and websites specifically about sex and aging. Please share the sites you’ve found that address the joys and challenges of embracing our sexuality past midlife into our elder years.

If you have your own blog/website about sex and aging, you’re welcome to nominate it yourself, as long as its main purpose is to educate and promote acceptance of older-age sexuality (not a commercial site whose purpose is to sell Viagra or “enhancement” devices!)

Bring it on!