More Sex, More Often!

If you have difficulty with arousal and orgasm, that’s a good reason to have sex more often, not less.

Here’s why: One of the primary reasons that we have trouble with arousal and orgasm is lack of blood flow to our genitals. The penis and the clitoris require blood flow for engorgement. The more you engage in stimulation — with a partner, your own hand, or a sex toy, whatever works for you — the more easily the blood will flow to the genitals and the more easily and quickly you’ll get aroused. The more frequently you stimulate yourself to orgasm, the easier it will become next time.

And remember these tips I gave you in previous newsletters:
1. Exercise before sex. Exercise accelerates blood flow, which is good for sex.
2. Don’t eat right before sex. Eating diverts the blood flow to the digestive system, which is bad for sex.

So exercise first, then have sex, then enjoy your meal! (If this is a new idea for you, let me know how it works.)