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When I reviewed The Twister from, I complained that as gorgeous as it was, it was a tad too girthy for my personal joyful pleasure. Since glass — delightful as it is! — is hard and has no give, toys feel larger than they are. Joyful-Pleasure was eager to send me an array of lovely glass toys that are slender, sleek, exciting, and beautiful enough to put on display.

Why glass? Isn’t that dangerous? Nope. These works of art are sturdy and fracture resistant. They feel smooth and luscious. My favorite part of using glass toys is that they can be safely and sensually heated or chilled. I personally like to chill mine in the refrigerator for a while before use — the sensation of cold, smooth glass in the vagina is intense.

These lovely products were provided by, the company that makes these hand-blown glass toys. The link for each product goes to Joy Hollywood, where you can purchase them at a surprisingly low price.

Joyful Plant: This is one of my favorites because it’s small — 4 insertable inches, just an inch wide at the widest part. It’s a great starter glass toy if the idea of glass worries you a little — you can thrust, twirl, or wiggle it with no danger of it going too deep. (Just hold onto the “stem.”) If your vaginal opening is tight, this is the toy for you.  
24K-Double Pleasure: Isn’t this beautiful? This toy does double duty — each end is insertable. One tapered end has raised nubs for your pleasure; the other end has raised swirls. (Don’t worry about how long it looks — you don’t insert the whole thing. The end you’re not inserting becomes the handle.) 
Hot-Pepper Pleasure: If you like a really slim sex toy, this is the one for you. The tip of the insertable end is super slender, and this one might even work as a dilator if you’re having trouble with penetration. Otherwise, the slender shape lets you angle the “pepper” towards your g-spot.
Sinful Pleasure.
Although the dimension details claim that the width is 1.5”, this one is
slightly more at the bulbous part of each end. I prefer the slimmer
and/or more tapered shapes for comfort, but if that’s not an issue for you,
this is a gorgeous product.


Have you tried any of these glass toys from I hope you’ll add your comments.I
love to hear from you because our experiences are all different, and your experience
will help readers as much as mine.

(However, if you’re a sex toy
retailer, I don’t permit links that compete with the retailers I
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  1. Joan Price on September 2, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    I love what you said here, Sienna. I do remember that conversation. I'm humbled (and delighted!) by your compliments — thank you so much. Sometimes it seems like I'm talking/writing in the wilderness, and then a comment such as yours appears and lets me know why I do this! Thank you.

    – Joan

  2. Sienna Jae Fein on September 2, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Joan, I remember that I once told you that glass toys sounded alarming (won't they crack or shatter!?!?), and you assured me that they are entirely safe (if made by a reputable vendor – Joyful Pleasure being one of those).

    I recently returned from the BlogHer12 conference, where there was lots of buzz (pun intended) about vibrators, as well as myriad other toys and substances. I wrote a response to the "new openness" in my blog:

    I note that sex toys are not new. What's new is open talk about them — and you have done such an elegant and eloquent job of letting senior women and men know how important it is to regard the use of toys not as perversion — something to be ashamed of, as it was in the past — but as enhancement of pleasure both for couples and for those who find themselves without partners.

    You're one of a kind, and we are all the richer for your wisdom, strength, and courage.

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