Erotic Electro-Stimulation—Reviews of ElectraStim “Flick” and Erostek ET232

Thank you, David Pittle, for continuing to review sex toys for men here. My readers and I are grateful! Readers: your comments are always welcome. — Joan Price

Guest post by David M. Pittle, Ph.D., M.Div

Erotic Electro-Stimulation — what a charge! Attach electrodes to your genitals and get stimulated through electrical energy. Eugh! But if it could be a shockingly great form of sexual stimulation, why not?Although I consider myself sexually sophisticated, Electro-Stimulation – known as E-Stim — was beyond my experience or knowledge. I wanted to try it myself. Two of the leading vendors were kind enough to send me their units: ElectraStim from Cyrex, an English company, and Erostek, an American firm.

My first action was to try them on myself and then to enlist another man and two women to volunteer to experiment. These are not just men’s or women’s products, they are great for both. (I had fantasies of finding a couple to try it together, but that got too complicated.)

ElectraStim “Flick” EM60

electrastim packageThe ElectraStim “Flick” EM60 is a small device, 2.2 x 3.5 inches and only ¾ inch thick. Nicely styled, it has a soft, flocked back and a well-designed control panel. It felt good to hold and use. It came with two penis rings as well as a vaginal probe and several stick-on electrode pads like your physician uses for an EKG. The EM60 has 24 intensity levels and seven different patterns, which you can set to your liking. Like all E-Stim devices, the stimulation is not necessarily steady. And when you hold it and “flick” your hand, it provides an extra jolt of power. The EM60 is a good choice for a first experience because it comes on slowly, but you can build it up to almost full strength with levels of pleasure all along the way.

Erostek ET232

erostekThis is a very different device from the ElectraStim. The Erostek ET232 looks a lot less sophisticated in packaging, but it packs many more functions and much more power. There are 15 patterns including one that responds to voice command. The Erostek ET232 arrived with conductive penis bands, and a ball shaped insert for use in the vagina or anus. Enough variation to please almost anyone.

Testing the Devices

To get the best idea of what worked, we began with the EM60. We placed electrode pads near the base of the penis. Our second test was with the penis rings or bands. For the women, we used the pads on either side of the clitoris and then the vaginal probe. After testing the first unit—and some well-deserved rest–we repeated the test with the Erostek ET232.

The results were amazing. The women had orgasms with both devices with the pads. With the vaginal probe, the results were even more spectacular. One of the women had exquisite feelings leading up to each of several orgasms. Changing the orientation of the probe to be either next to her G-spot or side to side made a difference in the feeling, not less or more, but pleasantly different.

For the men too, the results were spectacular. The penis rings or bands produced the greatest pleasure. This increased with one band just below the glans and the other around the scrotum. One man said that he had two full orgasms in a row before “finishing.”

All volunteer testers liked both devices. They praised the EM60 for being easy to get into and providing a soft and comfortable feeling that could be taken to a high level. They liked the Erostek as more aggressive and stronger with a different feeling to it.

Is E-Stim safe? You must use it correctly, which includes using lubricant and keeping the electrodes below the waist. Never use it if you have an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator. Read the instructions and follow the cautions. It should be as safe as your masturbation sleeve or vibrator if you follow the rules. In our testing, we measured blood pressure and heart rate before and after each test. Both heart rate and blood pressure do rise in any sexual activity, but there were no instances of anything out of the ordinary.

(Note from Joan: Of course, we do not give medical advice here, so consult your doctor to be sure. But be prepared: your doctor may have no idea what you’re talking about. Educating doctors is a good thing.)

I can say confidently that these “beginner” models from ElectraStim and Erostek are great products that will keep working for years. They are an investment for long term sexual pleasure. Which to choose? You won’t be disappointed with either.

– David M. Pittle, Ph.D., M.Div., is a therapist in San Rafael, CA, who has been helping people with sexual issues for over thirty years. Many of his clients are age 50-80, when good sex is important, and dissatisfaction may lead to loss of shared intimacy that can threaten the total relationship. David specializes in helping women who are not experiencing sexual satisfaction and men with non-medical and medically-related erectile dysfunction or other issues.

(I am sad to tell you that my friend, sex therapist David Pittle died December 2017. We value his sex toy reviews. Read more reviews by David Pittle)


  1. Anonymous on December 3, 2014 at 3:08 am

    I am new to e-stim I started by experimenting using a Dr Ho's machine that I have for relieving neck pain. I used the small pads on my penis but found that they lost contact and there was some burning pain. So I did some research and bought some conductive rubber on ebay and found out that KY jelly was conductive. My first session was with a loop on the base of my penis and the other under the head. I felt great and I could stim for hours but I never was able to achieve HFO so I had to manually mastibate while e-stimming to achieve orgasm and ejaculation. I was reading recently about prostate stimming. So I gingerly tried putting a well lubed loop up my anus about 3 or 4 inches and the other around the tip of my penis. The experience felt strange but pleasurable but still I couldn't achieve HFO. Next I used the anus loop and a loop around the base of my penis, on the Dr Ho's device I used the middle setting that gave intermittent sharp pulses the feeling was amazing every pulse felt like an ejaculation, in addition as the second loop was at the base of my penis it meant that the rest of my shaft was clear of loops and wires. So I have a flesh light so while I was stimming on this setting I went inside the flesh light, The feeling was out of this world. I fucked the fleshlight and turned up the stim intensity. Oh man I wanted to Cum so much. My body was ramming the flesh light uncontrollably I synchronised my thrusts with the pulse and I came so much. Incredible. When I unscrewed the base of the fleshlight to see how much semen was there I couldn't believe it. I came about a third of a cup of semen . Never in my life have I felt such an orgasm and I am now 66 years old.

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