Sex Toy Sightings update

12/29/19 update: I know I said “Winners announced by December 27,” but I need another few days to match winners with prizes and compile the best stories. Stay tuned!

12/19/19 update: I’m getting so many entries today – the original deadline – that I’m extending the deadline until 12/21! Keep ’em coming!

The entries are rolling in for my #SexToySightings contest, and I can’t resist sharing a few of the photos before the contest closes so that you feel inspired to send in yours! Sex toys have been visited beaches, police stations, libraries, antique stores, gyms, cemeteries, grocery stores, downtowns, even Rockefeller Center. People have submitted from one to a dozen photos each — no limit to how many you can enter.



Even jessica drake got into the #SexToySightings action during her trip to New York City:






Many of the photographers had great stories — we give prizes for great stories, too! — but I’ll save those until we announce the winners.

I hope you feel inspired to take your own sex toy out in public for a photo session. Contest rules and submission procedure here — please follow these exactly.

We have lots of great prizes donated by Hot Octopuss, We-Vibe, Good Vibrations, Smitten Kitten, Fun Factory, Wicked Sensual, Lucky Bloke, and me. I look forward to hearing from you by 12/21/19!


  1. David G Edward on December 28, 2019 at 2:56 am

    Hi Joan…..compliments of the season.
    Now that the fun contest is complete, are you going to publish the stats….ie :
    How many entries ?
    Distant Countries ?
    Did you have to reject any due to too risque >
    Fun Stuff……Thanks again
    It was a break for me as we were waiting for my wife to have
    a colon cancer operation. This was done…successfully…on Dec,19th
    and she was home here on the 23rd for a family Christmas.
    Best Christmas present I ‘ve ever had.
    Happy & Healthy 2020 to you and yours.

    • Joan Price on December 28, 2019 at 11:03 pm

      How wonderful of you to use this contest as a break from such a stressful time, David. I’m happy that your wife is home and the surgery was successful. I know I promised to announce the winners before now, but I need another few days. Hang in there!

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