I’m a Juicy Tomato!

Many thanks to Susan Swartz for choosing me as one of her”Juicy Tomatoes“: women over 50 who are role models of “ripe living.”

Immodestly speaking, here’s an excerpt from Susan’s description of me:

JOAN PRICE, author of “Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty” is another mighty challenger of stereotypes. Her mission is to promote ageless sexuality, not only to make it possible and enjoyable but to banish what she calls “the ick factor,” the prejudice that anyone over 50 is and should only be having sex in their dreams.

Unabashed, articulate and funny, Joan is one of the leading go-to experts when the subject has to do with sex and romance for those beyond the young and hard-bodied. I first met her when she was teaching an exercise class at my gym and now she’s all over the place, as an author, speaker and dance instructor.

Her blog, Betterthanieverexpected, talks about all those things you thought you and your girlfriends only discussed after multiple glasses of wine – like sex toys and the little bottle of slippery stuff you keep in the bedside drawer. Joan, who has a lovely personal story to share about finding love, romance and passion in her 50s, knows of what she writes. Visit her at joanprice.com.

Susan Swartz is a northern California journalist, author and public radio commentator. She has been writing about women since the women’s movement was new and she introduced to her readers a new “rising star in the women’s movement” — Gloria Steinem. One of Susan’s more amusing claims to fame is that she is credited by the Oxford English Dictionary for inventing the term “bad hair day”!

Susan is the author of two books about “juicy living” based on interviews with women over 50 (some are way over 50!): THE JUICY TOMATOES GUIDE TO RIPE LIVING AFTER 50 and JUICY TOMATOES: Plain Truths, Dumb Lies and Sisterly Advice About Life After 50. Both are great gifts for the “juicy tomatoes” in your life!

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  1. paula, 56 on November 8, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    I read one of the Juicy Tomatoes books, the first one, and it was great. I was at a place where I needed some guidance and encouragment and this book had just what I needed. It’s a good read, and very funny in places without ever being insulting.

    I’m still laughing about this: “Friends don’t let friends wear knee hi’s (with skirts.)” One day a friend of mine who’s 23 was wearing knee hi’s with a skirt and when I objected she told me she likes knee hi’s with a skirt. But she’s 23.

    In the process of exploring the Juicy Tomatoes book, and trying to find a website for discussion of older women’s issues, I found this website and discovered Joan.

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