Joan Baez’s 96-yr-old mom wants 97 men next birthday

I enjoyed this quote from Joan Baez about her mother in the San Francisco Chronicle:

[She] just turned 96 and had a giant birthday party. She had 96 cupcakes and next year she wants to have 97 men.

I’ll bet she wanted 96 men this year instead of cupcakes!

I couldn’t find a photo of Joan Baez’s mother — or even her name — but Baez herself sure looks good after 50 years in the music business:

Her latest album, recorded at age 67, is Day After Tomorrow, filled with the kind of mellow songs of spiritual awakening and social activism that we expect from Baez.

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  1. Diana Daffner on June 5, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    Interesting that you should write about Joan Baez. Just yesterday on NPR I heard a wonderful guitarist, Sharon Isbin. Joan does a duet with her on her new CD, Journey to the New World.

    Back in my California peace-activist days, I knew Joan AND her mother! I have great memories of a great family. Nice to know her mom's still feisty.

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