Seeking Sexy, Celibate Seniors

Are you 50 – 80+, feeling sexy and enjoying your sensuality, yet celibate? If you’re unpartnered, either by choice or because you haven’t found the right person to share your sexuality, I’d like to interview you for my new book, Naked at Our Age.

I’d like your story about being unpartnered at our age, and how you’ve channeled your sexuality into solo pleasuring and/or other outlets: art? exercise? paid companions? massage? nuzzling grandchildren? volunteerism? dance? You tell me.

I’m especially seeking women and men who haven’t turned off their sexual nature — you nurture, even celebrate your sexuality and your sensual enjoyment without a partner.

Please email me your story or your questions. You will be identified by a first name of your choice and your real age, and I’ll be the only one — ever! — who knows who you are.

If you are a senior or elder, partner-less and NOT feeling happy in your sensuality, I’d like to hear from you, too.

(Do you have a different senior sex story to share? For more ways to get involved in sharing your experience in Naked at Our Age, see this post and email me for the interview questionnaire.)

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