Vibratex Japanese Butterfly review

It’s a Rabbit. No, it’s a Butterfly. Actually, it’s both. The Vibratex Japanese Butterfly is a dual-action vibrator, meaning that it accomplishes both clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously with its connected parts.

This type of vibrator achieved fame when the gals on Sex and the City shared their enthusiasm for their Rabbit, and “Rabbit” has become the catch-all term for this kind of vibrator, whatever the shape.

In this case, the “rabbit” part is a butterfly. It’s cute and playful and yes, it vibrates like crazy. The Vibratex Japanese Butterfly has a rotating shaft full of vibrating beads and a rounded head plus an external, fluttering piece in the shape of a butterfly, designed to tickle the clitoris.

Thank you, TabuToys adult toys, for providing my Butterfly and being such a good sport while helping me decide which Rabbit to try! I requested a really strong Rabbit, and Vibratex Japanese Butterfly is considered top of the line.

I really wanted to love it. Yes, it’s strong. Yes, its many attributes vibrate in a sexy, enticing way with the promise to rock my world. It even puts on a light show, great for giggles in the dark.

But — for me, personally — the shaft felt too thick (1.5″) and hard, and I had trouble positioning it so that the butterfly actually fluttered where it was supposed to. It must be built for larger women (I am petite), because the butterfly landed a smidgen too far forward, and if I tried to bend and press it where I wanted it, the shaft ended up at an odd and not entirely comfortable angle. I also had trouble holding it at that angle with my short arms, until I discovered that I could just hold the part where the butterfly connects to the shaft, and that worked well.

It’s a good, solid, well-made and well-designed toy, and I’ll bet you’ll love it if you have even slightly larger proportions than I do (and most women do). The vibrations are wonderfully strong and delightfully surprising as the shaft and beads roll around. It’s just the size that isn’t quite for me, darn it. I guess I haven’t found my ideal Rabbit yet.

I’d love to hear from other users who declared this vibrator their dream toy — I’m sure there are many of you!

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  1. Suzy on April 11, 2010 at 3:18 am

    I tried the Vibratex Japanese Butterfly twice so far. While the 'swing' motion was pleasurable, the stubby handle made for difficult handling of the device, with the hard edges pressing into my hand in an unpleasant way. The vibration action for the clit didn't seem to be in the right position for my body, when the unit was inserted. Overall, moderately satisfied.

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